Vampire Diaries Season 4 Finale — Julie Plec Answers Your Questions
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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Finale — Julie Plec Answers Your Questions

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 finale left so many questions unanswered, but luckily E! Online spoke with executive producer Julie Plec. She gave them all the scoop on what went down and what we can expect from Season 5.

Why is Stefan Silas’s doppelganger? “He [Paul Wesley] did such a good job playing Ripper Stefan, so we wanted to play a long-foiled plan into motion that we weren't sure if we'd get to it before the end of the season or not; we always had it in our back pocket to reveal it right around the time it felt right.”

Will we learn more about the Salvatore family in Season 5? “[O]ne of the things we're talking about is definitely learning more about the history of the Salvatore family. I would say that at this point the things we don't know yet are fair game.”

What will Silas-as-Stefan do? “[T]he cure's off the table, the Other Side's off the table, so he's going to have a pretty enormous plan B for how to deal with that.”

Will Damon and Elena be a couple? "Next for them as a couple is a long-distance relationship as Elena heads off to her new life at college and Damon sticks behind In Mystic Falls to hold down the fort. We get to see them happy, believe it or not, for a little while before of course circumstances and other supernatural influence comes in to drive an obstacle in their path.”

What will happen to human Katherine? “Not only is she on the verge of getting her ass kicked every single episode, she's going to need protection and who better to seek out for protection than the brother Salvatore who have been so good at caring on and off for her over the centuries?”

Will Bonnie (and Kat Graham) be back? “Kat will still be a regular, business as usual. She just now has the mother of all obstacles preventing her and Jeremy from being able to have the physical relationship that we've danced around for so long.”

Where’s everyone going to college? “The best part about it is that we've got a town that we've very firmly established and the university that we've established with Whitmore College, which is not in Mystic Falls, but certainly close enough that you can roll home on a Saturday and do a load of laundry.”

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