Vampire Diaries Season 4 Finale Predictions Roundtable: Experts Weigh In
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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Finale Predictions Roundtable: Experts Weigh In

What will happen with Klaus and Caroline?
Jenny: Klaus (Joseph Morgan) will declare his love for Caroline. I will run around the office screaming. However, Tyler’s (Michael Trevino) return was a little too recent for her to just start making out with the Original now. If we hadn’t seen Ty so recently, I think she would’ve felt a little freer to act on the feelings she has for Klaus. I’m sure his declaration will make her rethink some things in preparation for Season 5, though.

Tiffany: We’re all pretty much Klaroline shippers here at Wetpaint. But as much as I’d love for these two to finally get together, it’s not looking good! I foresee a kiss at least in the finale, but Klaus is firmly planted in New Orleans because of The Originals (and his baby with Hayley). He may try to persuade Caroline to join him, but even Candice Accola herself has said there are no plans at the moment for any crossover between TVD and The Originals. Bummer.

Jager: All I have to say is this: If they don’t kiss in the Season 4 finale, Julie Plec better expect to see me at her front door.

Crystal: Warning: I have a lot of Klaroline feelings. However, unlike most Klaroline shippers, I don’t want these two to get together in the finale (and they won’t, anyway). For Caroline to actually consider being with Klaus two things need to happen: 1) Tyler needs to come back, and 2) Klaus needs to change in some way. Sorry, guys! But Tyler needs to come back in order for Caroline to realize she still has feelings for Klaus. Right now, she can write off these feelings because Tyler isn’t around, but in order for her to really come face-to-face with them, she needs Tyler to come back — and Silas, who is the captain of the Klaroline ship. (Remember when he got inside her head as Klaus?) And then there’s Klaus. Julie Plec said that the only way Klaroline would happen would be if one of them changed. Well, that person needs to be Klaus. He’s still the big bad around here, guys. In order for Caroline to even consider hooking up with Klaus, he needs some sort or redemption. She can’t be the only thing he loves.

That would just never work. So here’s what I think will happen with Klaroline: Klaus’s present to Caroline will be Tyler (breathe, Klaroliners, this is a good thing!) and hopefully a vile of his blood in case she ever gets bitten again (because that girl attracts trouble like no one else). He’ll give her a kiss on the cheek and head back to New Orleans. But that won’t be the end. The slow burn of their sexual tension will hopefully ignite in Season 5, where Caroline will find herself still thinking about Klaus. Hello, crossover!

Matt and Rebekah kiss in the promo: Joyful or joyless?
Jager: JOYFUL! I’ve been rooting for these two crazy kids to get together for a while. Rebekah so desperately wants to be a normal teenager, and what’s more normal than an all-American, blonde-haired, football player? Besides, Zach Roerig’s way too cute to not have an on-screen love interest. (As much as it pains my heart to watch him kiss another girl.)

Jenny: Aw. These two. So joyful. Matt and Rebekah are going to live happily ever after until she leaves for New Orleans and breaks his heart. Poor Matty. At least he’ll get some action.

Crystal: Joyful all the way. I don’t think Matt and Rebekah will ever end up together (she is heading to N’awlins after all), but I would like to see these two become friends. He’s her sense of humanity. The thing I love about Rebekah is that she’s constantly searching for love, and even though Matt won’t be the great romantic love of her life, he can be her friend, and let’s face it: she could really use one.

Tiffany: Totally joyful. I kind of love the little romance that’s been blossoming between Matt and Rebekah. I feel a lot of sympathy for her, having been through so much with her family, and her yearning to feel both normal and human resonates with me.

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Finale Predictions Roundtable: Experts Weigh In
Credit: Curtis Baker/The CW -- © 2013 The CW Network, LLC    

So much is going to happen in The Vampire Diaries Season 4 finale that we can hardly wait until Thursday. Graduation! Ghosts! General Kol! The Wetpaint Entertainment offices are full of TVD fanatics who’ve been speculating about who will die, which brother will find love, and what’s going to happen with Mystic Falls’ current ghost problem.

Editors Jager Weatherby, Tiffany Wan, Crystal Bell, and Jenny McGrath answered some burning questions about what’s going down in the Season 4 finale. Check out what they had to say:

Which ghost will stick around?
Jenny: While I really hope it’s Alaric (Matt Davis), I have a feeling it will be Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen). Having her brother return would stabilize Elena (Nina Dobrev) and also give her a good reason to return to Mystic Falls. With so many characters going off to college, they need someone to stay rooted in Mystic Falls and celebrate Illumination Night.

Crystal: As much as I’d love for Jeremy Gilbert — and his perfectly chiseled chest — to hang around Mystic Falls for another season, I think Bonnie (Kat Graham) is the most likely to stay, especially now that she’s dead and all. After all, when times get tough, this group really needs a witch around who can come up with random spells on the fly.

Tiffany: My prediction is Jeremy gets to stick around after the veil is put back up. Without him, Elena’s emotions will continue to slide into non-existence without a close loved one to anchor them down. She’s suffered too much loss! While I’d love to see Alaric come back for good as well, his return doesn’t seem to serve as much of a purpose as Jeremy’s.

Jager: I can’t imagine the show going on without Jeremy. Even though Elena has turned her emotions back on, turning them off was the only way she could cope with her brother’s death. If he doesn’t return, at least in ghost form, I don’t see any way for her to keep her sanity without turning them off again. (And we already have one Katherine, thankyouverymuch.)

That said, my secret hope is that Alaric will stick around. I’m not afraid to admit that his bromance with Damon is one of my favorite things of the entire series.

Who’s getting the cure?
Jenny: Stefan (Paul Wesley). A lot of fans think it’s Damon (Ian Somerhalder) because of what happened in the books, but I think becoming human will give Stefan a reason to stick around instead of going backpacking across Asia or whatever.

Jager: I wouldn’t put it past Julie Plec to throw us for a loop by, say, turning Matt (Zach Roerig) into a vampire then having the gang decide to save him with the cure. But I’d also love to see Stefan take it. Deep down, he wants to be human just as much as Elena does. Then again, that would mean he wouldn’t be able to spend eternity with her... and at the risk of pissing off Delena ‘shippers, I really want Elena to end up with Stefan.

Tiffany: That’s the million dollar question, no? I feel like I can easily eliminate who won’t be taking the cure. As much as Rebekah (Claire Holt) wants to be human, the fact that she’ll be joining her brothers in New Orleans for The Originals pretty much ensures she’ll be a vamp for the long haul. Neither of the Salvatore brothers seem like good candidates either, and Caroline (Candice Accola) hasn’t expressed an interest in going back to being human. That really leaves Elena, and at this point we don’t know her feelings on taking the cure since getting her humanity back. An interesting twist would be if the cure gets shoved down Katherine’s throat (not by choice) as a punishment of sorts. It would be the complete opposite of what she really wants, which is true immortality — and thus, a fitting reprisal.

Crystal: At this point, the only outcome that would shock me would be Caroline taking the cure. But will never and should NEVER happen because Blondie is a badass vampire. So that probably means it’s a Salvatore (because Elena is a much more compelling character now that she’s a vamp). And as much as I want Stefan to take the cure — so he can finally stop running in circles with Elena — I think Damon is the obvious choice here. If Damon takes the cure, his sire bond to Elena would officially be broken and we’d get to see this snarky badass vampire be a little vulnerable. Remember when Damon confessed he still wanted to be human? This could be his second chance. Also, it would be interesting to see Elena be Damon’s protector for a while.

Is the sire bond broken?
Tiffany: In my opinion, the sire bond doesn’t seem to exist anymore. When Elena was on her vengeance spree against Katherine (Nina Dobrev) in Season 4, Episode 22, Damon very well could have used the sire bond to get her to chill out. But he didn’t!

Crystal: Honestly, this is the first time in four seasons that I’ve actually liked Elena, and do you want to know why? Because she’s not whining about a Salvatore! Right now, she’s focused on killing Katherine, saying goodbye to Jeremy, and just making it to graduation in one piece. And that’s so refreshing. Who cares about Stelena or Delena at this point? (However, I do think that Elena has genuine feelings for Damon and the sire bond just enhanced them. But after Damon compelled Elena to shut off her emotions, the sire bond was broken.)

Jenny: I’ll say yes. I think turning off her emotions fried whatever the siring thing had over Elena — and not a moment too soon.

Jager: I think so. Like Julie Plec said, they needed a supernatural reason for Elena to feel comfortable exploring her feelings for Damon. It was fun for a while, but I got tired of the sire bond storyline pretty quickly, and I think other fans did too.

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Finale Predictions Roundtable: Experts Weigh In
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Which ghost were you happiest to see?
Crystal: Alaric! Lexi! Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic)! OK, so I may or may not have wept when Alaric appeared on my TV screen. I just love him so much, and his bromance with Damon is one of the most compelling relationships on the series. And then there was that brilliant interaction between Stefan and Lexi, where she basically acknowledged that she had been replaced by Caroline, which was insanely adorable. Last but not least, Kol because Nathaniel Buzolic’s fake British accent is everything.

Jager: Alaric, obviously! Remember the moment when he referred to Damon as his “idiot best friend?” So bromantic!

Jenny: Alaric. Always Alaric. Lexi was a close second. But then there were Jeremy and Kol. Oh, heck. I was even glad to see Alexander.

Tiffany: Alaric, of course! Him and secret whiskey stash totally made my night.

Katherine vs. Elena: Who will win?
Tiffany: Katherine may have a more than a few centuries on Elena, but rage is a powerful tool. If it comes down to a battle between the dopplegangers, there’s no way Katherine will be the one emerging victorious. The fans simply wouldn’t allow it!

Jenny: Katherine probably isn’t willing to let that staking from the last episode go. By all rights, Kat is the older, more powerful vampire and should wipe the floor with Elena without mussing that perfect mane. That being said, it’s not like the show would allow anything too tragic happen to the main heroine.

Jager: Up until a few weeks ago, Katherine could kick Elena’s ass all over the town square. But now that Elena’s chosen to channel her feelings of hatred, homegirl is scary.

In all honestly, I don’t even care who wins. I just want to see how this Nina-on-Nina fight scene turns out. If it’s even halfway believable, she and the show’s editors deserve an award!

Crystal: Elena. I think this one is obvious, unfortunately. I absolutely love Katherine, but if someone were to die in the finale, it would have to be Miss Katherine Pierce. I’m surprised she managed to make it this long without getting herself killed by Klaus. Perhaps this means Bonnie will make Elena the immortal one (SIGH). Then again, if Bonnie makes Elena immortal, then the Salvatore brothers will finally stop protecting her. This totally frees up Stefan’s time for that road trip with his BFF Caroline. Just sayin’.

Will they manage to graduate?
Tiffany: Nothing will go as expected, that’s for sure.
Jenny: Matt WILL graduate a human or so help me... And hey. If they’ve made it this far without flunking out of school, what’s going to stop them now?
Crystal: If Caroline Forbes doesn’t get to walk up to that podium and pose for a photo with her diploma, there will be hell to pay.
Jager: Does anything ever go as planned with this group?

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Finale Predictions Roundtable: Experts Weigh In
Credit: Curtis Baker/The CW -- © 2013 The CW Network, LLC    

What will happen with Bonnie?
Crystal: I’m not Bonnie Bennett’s biggest fan, so I can say with nearly 100 percent certainty that I don’t really care what happens to her, but I do think she’ll stick around. (This, of course, is great because that means Jeremy and Anna are totally hooking up on the “Other Side.”) Not to mention, ghost Bonnie needs to find a way to drop that veil!

Tiffany: Bonnie’s dead, but the dead don’t always stay that way on TVD. If other supernaturals are sticking around after the veil is closed (like Jeremy or Alaric), what’s to say Bonnie wouldn’t be able to stay as well? Considering how much Mystic Falls needs a witch to keep things in check, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bonnie finds a way to cheat death.

Jager: Like I said before, I’m convinced she’s a goner. Sure, the gang will need to find a new witch to do all their hocus pocus, but it shouldn’t be that hard. Just take a trip to New Orleans. Witches are a dime a dozen down there, and I’m sure they’d love to come to a place like Mystic Falls where they can practice their craft without getting murdered in the street.

Jenny: Ah, Bonnie. That witch has been fake-killed so many times, I’ve lost count. I’m really curious to see if this is the end for Bonnie. Kat Graham has always balanced her acting and music career, but in Season 4, it seemed like she was flying out of Atlanta every weekend to do a show or album promotion somewhere. Maybe the schedule has gotten to be too much and this death thing is an easy out? Of course, if Jer comes back, they could have a ghost-mance.

Is Silas coming back?
Jager: God, I hope not. I’ve had nightmares about that face for weeks.

Jenny: Something tells me we haven’t seen the last of him. I feel like he was under-utilized for most of Season 4 — we were supposed to be scared of him, but none of the characters cared that he could unleash hell on earth until he started swapping bodies. That specific ability started to wear thin, but it certainly caused problems. And it would be a crime to bring the Five back and not let them have a crack at their “destiny.”

Tiffany: A large part of the finale centers around Qetsiyah sending hunters after the cure to bring Silas back to the other side and fulfill her plan. My guess is we’ll see him (and his ugly mug) again before Season 4 is over.

Crystal: Um, I hope so. Are you telling me it took two seasons to try and kill Klaus and only 10 minutes for Bonnie to come up with a spell to destroy Silas? That’s kind of lame. And with Klaus headed to The Originals, we’re going to need a new Big Bad.

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Finale Predictions Roundtable: Experts Weigh In
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Which brother will Elena pick?
Jager: As I previously said, I’m a loud and proud Stelena supporter (throw stones, if you wish) — but even if she does choose someone in the Season 4 finale, I highly doubt that’s the nail in the coffin of this love triangle.

Tiffany: Another tough one. The way things have been going since Elena switched her humanity back on, I think she will choose Stefan. He’s been far more hands-on and patient with her transition back to having emotions, while Damon has been making himself scarce. It also might make future scenes a bit less awkward between Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder, who recently broke up.

Crystal: Once again, I’m not so into the idea of Stelana vs. Delena. However, I do believe Elena makes Damon a better person (and poor Stefan just turns into a sloppy mess when he’s with her). I think Stefan needs to spend some time away from Elena. He’s a much stronger — and funnier! — character without her. But when it comes to Elena, I think homegirl needs to be alone for a while. She’s a baby vamp who just lost her last living family member. She needs some time to just figure life out. These people have eternity to make this decision, so what’s the rush? Of course, that’s my rational side speaking, and when has TVD ever been rational? She’ll obviously pick Damon. I don’t think it will be in the finale, but those two are endgame. I think the Stelena ship has sailed at this point, and I can’t be the only one hoping for a Steroline summer road trip, right?

Jenny: I ‘ship the baby vamp solo right now, but I think she’ll choose Damon. The whole “Elena finally makes a choice” spiel is already strongly echoing the Season 3 finale, and to change things up, I think she’ll pick Damon. Elena and Stefan have spent barely any time together this season — and during one of the last times they did, she punched him in the face. Also, she’s changed a lot since becoming a vampire. That said, I’m sure they’ll have many an obstacle along the way.

Who will die?
Crystal: I’m going to go out on a limb and say Bonnie is the only casualty of the finale. I just don’t think we have enough characters to keep killing off at this point. But just because she’s “dead” doesn’t mean she won’t stick around.

Jager: Going along with my cure theory, I wouldn’t be surprised if Matt bit the dust, only to be turned into a vampire and later get the cure. We already know that Bonnie died — and while dying doesn’t necessarily mean you’re gone forever in Mystic Falls — I have a sneaking suspicion that this time it’s for good. By Season 4, supernatural dramas can’t get away with simply killing off inconsequential characters. Bonnie’s death would end the season in a super suspenseful way... and let’s be honest, Kat Graham’s been checked out of this show for awhile.

Tiffany: I’m thinking it’ll be between Katherine and Matt. I hate to say it, but Matt’s character trajectory has been stagnant for a while. And with Rebekah migrating over to The Originals and spending far less time in Mystic Falls, there goes Matt’s only compelling storyline all season. Katherine is my other choice because her usefulness as a character seems to be waning as well. She and Elijah are over and done with, and the only thing driving her at this point is an immortality spell that has a very slim chance of happening. If anything, it’s the perfect setup for her death in the finale.

Jenny: After what happened to Bonnie, I’m not certain anyone else will die. I’ve heard Bonnie’s death sticks, so we could be saying goodbye to the witch for good.

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