Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Finale: Quotes From “A is For Answers”
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Finale: Quotes From “A is For Answers”

Usually Pretty Little Liars episodes are so full of hilarious quotes from Hanna, we can barely remember all the silly things she says. But with an episode as tense and terrifying as the Season 4 finale, “A is for Answers,” the funnies were few and far between.

Still, there were so many telling exchanges, we could write a dissertation about all the darkness hidden behind the tiniest quips. Because nobody wants to read that, we promise, we’ll just share some of the more noteworthy lines.

We're having Mighty Ducks flashbacks
Spencer: “You sit like lame ducks, not geese.”
Hanna: “OK, whatever. They both quack.”
Spencer: “Honk.”

We’ve been there
Hanna (to Ali) “I wanna hug you and slap you at the same time”

Ah, the sweet smell of irony
Ali (in flashback): “Oh, and Jenna, if you ever come back to Rosewood, I’ll bury you.”

That’s one way to find out...
Girls: “You drugged us?!”
Ali: "Well, if I got another ‘A’ threat while you guys were asleep, I could cross you off the list"

Ali should sum up all classic movie heroines
Ali: “Turns out she’s just a big phony who couldn’t even name her cat”

Is that a saying somewhere? Perhaps Hilton Head?
Ali (about Ian): “He took off out of there like a plucked peacock.”

Talk about (wait for it) getting grounded (sorry)
Hanna: “God I can’t believe your mom buried you alive.”

Is it just us, or is Mona actually getting creepier?
Mona: “Maybe you should die.”

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