Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Finale Recap — Brandi Confronts Lisa!
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Finale Recap — Brandi Confronts Lisa!

All the shocking twists and destroyed friendships of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 have been building to this: The insane season finale! Here is our recap of the drama from Season 4, Episode 19, with the 100th anniversary party for Beverly Hills. So grab your glitter, hug it out, and don't forget to motorboat your friend.

Out of This World

The entire episode takes place at the Beverly Hilton party, since you can't have a RHoBH season finale without a wild rager. The ladies arrive, and they're all antsy about talking to Lisa Vanderpump, since no one except Carlton Gebbia has seen her since she left Puerto Rico prematurely. Brandi Glanville plans to have three drinks and then confront Lisa, which sounds like a really great plan.

The awkwardness starts right off the bat when Ken Todd walks over to give Lisa a drink and completely ignores Yolanda Foster. What a way to start! Lisa and Ken talk to Joyce Giraud, and Lisa thanks Joyce for her supportive texts. Joyce tells Ken that Kim Richards is sorry for what she said to him, but Ken laughs and says Kim is on another planet. But is that really an insult? After all, E.T. was adorable.

Then, after Michael Ohoven's completely bizarre toast about "tits" (huh?!), Kim herself apologizes to Ken. But Ken is completely unreceptive to the apology, barely saying "thanks" as he keeps walking away, much to Lisa's chagrin. This isn't going to end well, is it?

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Finale Recap — Brandi Confronts Lisa!
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Just a Sidekick?

Kyle then pulls Lisa aside and says she doesn't know whether to trust Lisa about the tabloids, given that Lisa took so long to come to denounce the initial infidelity rumors about Mauricio. Kyle needs a confirmation that Lisa is her friend, but Lisa won't give it, saying she can't do this anymore. Harsh.

After Kim's weird exchange with Brandi's date, Drew, where Kim apparently is trying to set Drew up with someone else, Brandi pulls Lisa aside to talk, squeezing Lisa's hand a little to tightly in the process. Brandi says that Lisa doesn't get what Scheana Marie put her through, and when Brandi calls Scheana a "whore," Lisa says she doesn't agree with that. Fair enough.

Brandi continues, saying that they weren't truly friends because Lisa manipulated her and treated her as her sidekick. And speaking of sidekicks, are we the only ones who think Brandi could totally pull off a cute Robin costume, with the mask and cape and tights? Holy hotness, Batman.

Silly Women Talk?

Finally, Mauricio pulls Ken aside, and things seem rocky at first, as Ken tries to explain that Mauricio shouldn't trust Yolanda, Brandi, and Kim. Then, the women all join in, for some reason. But Ken and Mauricio get another moment, and they resolve things with a bro hug. Apparently, there's nothing that a bro hug can't fix.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Finale Recap — Brandi Confronts Lisa!
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However, Ken isn't quite ready to patch things up with everyone. He and Yolanda get into it when Yolanda tells him to leave the women alone. Ken makes a crack about Yolanda's husband never being there, and she says he wouldn't hang out with Ken. When Ken reaches out to touch Yolanda, she gets upset, and Ken says she's not that intelligent. Frankly, we sometimes feel our intelligence depreciates just by watching this show.

And so we then learn snippets about what has happened with the ladies since the show. We're told that Carlton gave Kim's necklace back, and that Joyce eventually lost it. Nice. And we also learn that Kyle's daughter Portia wants to be a child star. Can you say, "Time to reboot Escape to Witch Mountain"?

Our Overall Thoughts

Yowza. So did anything get resolved tonight? Welp, it seems that Kyle and Lisa's Energizer bunny-like friendship is going to somehow manage to survive this latest drama. However, we really can't see Lisa and Brandi patching things up. But we're also not sure why Brandi suddenly has gotten so upset at Lisa. Does Brandi know that Lisa can't just fire Scheana because of her personal life?

Meanwhile, we must say, we're a little disappointed in Ken's behavior. We understand he was hurt by Kim's comments in Puerto Rico, but he should have been more accepting of her apology. It's not like he didn't say his share of hurtful things in Puerto Rico, like calling Yolanda "stupid." And Yolanda's rift with Lisa continues to surprise us, since they were so much closer last season. Weird.

Now, we can't wait to watch the three-part reunion, starting next week, which is certain to be epic! If anyone needs us, we'll be replaying that bro hug on loop.