Will We Get to Terminus By The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale? Robert Kirkman Says…
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Will We Get to Terminus By The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale? Robert Kirkman Says…

What is Terminus? Where is Terminus? Who is at Terminus? Is Terminus a trap? Is Terminus a good shelter? Does Terminus exist? Will we stay at Terminus into Season 5? Will we even see Terminus in The Walking Dead Season 4?

There are only three episodes left to the season, and this Sunday’s March 16, Episode 14, “The Grove,” does not take place at Terminus. Sorry if that’s a spoiler, but it doesn’t. However, Entertainment Weekly talked to comic book writer/executive producer Robert Kirkman about the rest of the season, asking if we’ll get to Terminus before the end of the 16-episode season.

“I can’t say that!” he answered. “But I would say it would be ridiculous if we didn’t. I mean they are all on those tracks. And where are they going if they don’t get to Terminus at some point? Maybe they get to Terminus before the end of the season. You never know.”

So if we don’t get to Terminus by the season finale, Episode 16, “A” — or at least get answers on what it is, if it even exists beyond a trap — please remind RK through multiple annoying tweets that he himself acknowledged it as ridiculous. There was a time when we thought “A” might be the Alexandria Safe-Zone, but that idea is fading further into the walker-filled mist. Unless everyone jumps into a giant van in the final hour and they drive the many hours to Alexandria, VA … no. Maybe “A” is Augusta or Atlanta itself, or maybe it’s just point “A” as a new starting point, or maybe the name has other meaning. Either way, we’re backing Team Not Ridiculous, which means we’ll get to Terminus soon. All train tracks lead there, for better or worse.

Is it too obvious to view Terminus as a bad thing? What if it’s just the Georgia-based show’s version of the Alexandria Safe-Zone and we stay there through next season? Isn’t that possible? Tell us your thoughts and theories below!

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Source: Entertainment Weekly