The Walking Dead Season 4: Will Glenn and Maggie Be Used Against Each Other?
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4: Will Glenn and Maggie Be Used Against Each Other?

Maybe Daryl Dixon is better off staying single. The world of The Walking Dead is dangerous enough without having to worry about a significant other.

Rick and Shane were best friends before they started fighting over Lori (of all people!), Andrea’s love for The Governor got her killed, and Maggie ended up spilling the location of the prison when The Governor put a gun to boyfriend Glenn’s bloody head.

Things may not get too much better for Glenn and Maggie in Season 4, which premieres October 13 on AMC. Steven Yeun talked to IGN about the ups and downs ahead for the engaged couple.

“I think you're just going to see a continued growth between them,” he said. “They're still both young and they're still figuring out life and what it means to be together in this type of world. Because that comes with a whole other set of worries and struggles. And also, strangely, with such great joy and hope. But it's also a double-edged sword. Because what's the point of living if you don't have someone to live for, or live with. But if you do have that person, they can become a liability to you. Because they can be used against you in this particular world.”

Yeah, that kind of love can make you vulnerable, especially when there are twisted people out there (like The Governor, among others) who see it as a potential weakness.This is why Carl will probably be the last one standing when this show ends. He’s a cold-hearted snake — look into his eyes!

In his Q&A, Steven also talked about Glenn’s taste of leadership in Season 3, and whether that’s something we’d see more of in Season 4. “I think the through line with Glenn, going through the first couple seasons, is this understanding of a boy turning into a man,” Steven said. “And understanding what being a leader meant. And I think, back in Season 3, it didn't work out because he didn't know what to do fully. I think it's in him. I think he has all the necessary qualities to be a good leader. But he definitely wasn't in the right state of mind to deal with it at the time. And I think in this next season you're going to see the continuing evolution of the character. When it comes to understanding himself and understanding the people who he's with. And realizing what this new world means and what these people all mean to him. I'm excited for you guys to watch.”

We’re crazy excited to see it! Glenn is one of the few surviving characters, like Michonne, who started with no family on the show, and gained a new kind of family with Rick’s group. Glenn didn’t lose anyone the way Andrea lost her sister, Daryl lost his brother, Carol lost her daughter, Rick lost his wife, etc. Maggie still has one of her sisters and her father, but that love makes her even more vulnerable because there are so many people to worry about and protect. Having the Greene family gives Glenn more motivation to stay alive, and to not be as risky as he used to be back in Atlanta in Season 1.

Are you worried for Glenn and Maggie in Season 4, or do you think they went through so much trauma in Season 3 that they might get a happier storyline this time? They at least have to have their wedding, right?

Source: IGN