The Walking Dead Season 4: Glenn and Maggie Have “Clear Divide” on Future
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The Walking Dead Season 4: Glenn and Maggie Have “Clear Divide” on Future

Glenn and Maggie got engaged toward the end of The Walking Dead Season 3, but that doesn’t mean they are now one solid unit — Gaggie? — that thinks and acts the same.

They may be happy together as Season 4 opens this Sunday, October 13, but Steven Yeun (Glenn) told TVLine that they have different perspectives on how to continue living their lives. This was hinted at in the big Comic-Con trailer, when we see Glenn and Maggie in bed:

Glenn:“We should go today”

Maggie: “Really?”

Glenn: “We have to go.”

As Steven explained, “I think it’s a clear divide in terms of Maggie and Glenn’s outlook on life. At this point, there is a semblance of peace and there is a little bit of society that’s been built out. You can either go the way of saying, ‘Well, look at what we’ve built. We’re fine. We’ll be fine forever.’ Or you can be Glenn, which is a little bit more cautious… He’s wary because out of [everyone], he’s been through quite a bit of crap. He always gets captured or beaten up. So he knows that when things are going well for a while, something’s bound to go wrong.”

It’s true. Poor Glenn is always on the front lines of every battle out there, and Steven said Glenn will still be “eating sh-t” in Season 4.

But what about The Governor? It would be nice to see him eat poop as well. Merle was the one who abducted Glenn and Maggie in Season 3, and he beat the crap out of Glenn, but it was under The Gov’s watch. Plus, The Gov degraded Maggie, attacked the prison, shot Axel, torture-killed both Milton and Andrea, and murdered a huge chunk of his own Woodbury people in a scary massacre. His list of sins is lengthy.

Will Glenn be as obsessed with tracking down The Gov as Michonne, who will be actively searching for him? “Glenn definitely does not look upon The Governor with kind eyes,” Steven said. “I don’t think he’s overcome that. He has really taken some lessons from Hershel that vengeance is vengeance, but [you need] to be there for the people that you love.”

What do you think will happen for Glenn, Maggie and The Governor in Season 4? Tell us your thoughts and theories below!

The Walking Dead Season 4 premieres on October 13 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

Source: TVLine