The Walking Dead Season 4: Will Glenn and Maggie Take Care of Lizzie?
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4: Will Glenn and Maggie Take Care of Lizzie?

Lizzie Samuels is being bounced around the zombie apocalypse foster care system of The Walking Dead Season 4.

She and her sister Mika lost their father when Patrick got the deadly flu and turned. Then Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) started taking care of them (sort of), mostly just chucking Lizzie in the sick ward while Mika is presumably fine hanging out with the healthy kids. Then Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) banished Carol from the prison, saying "we'll" take care of Lizzie and Mika.

That "we" included Hershel “Tough Sonofab*tch” Greene (Scott Wilson) last night in Episode 5, "Internment," when Lizzie helped fight walkers in the cell block by luring one away. She has yet to master the art of walking backwards, though, and when she fell over, Hershel had to save her. After all the craziness calmed down, Lizzie watched Hershel and Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan) fight to save sick Glenn (Steven Yeun); then Lizzie asked if it was all over. Maggie hoped so.

With The Governor (David Morrissey) now in play, we're guessing it's just beginning, but Maggie has talked about wanting a baby and Lizzie is in the market for someone she's allowed to call "Mom."

The Hollywood Reporter asked Steven Yeun if Maggie and Glenn could care for Lizzie, now that Carol is gone (for now). "That's definitely a possibility," Steven said. "Glenn's carefulness and wanting to hold on extends beyond Maggie. She's the core and clearly representative of that mission in life, but it's a greater understanding of wanting to get back to humanity and wanting to build from here. He's a man with a purpose now; he has meaning in his life, and that's what he's trying to cherish."

As THR noted, there would be a parallel to Glenn and Maggie's story in the comic books, when they cared for Sophia after Carol died. Hopefully TV Carol won't die — she's 180 degrees from comic book Carol — but since Lizzie is kind of the new Sophia, it might make sense.

In the comics, Maggie gets very depressed after The Gov.'s big attack on the prison, when she hears her father and brother didn't survive. She's also depressed at that point about her inability to get pregnant. Tired of all the darkness and death, she tries to kill herself, but survives. She finds strength after that in taking care of Sophia — and in the comics she eventually does get pregnant. Other stuff happens too, but we won't get into that.

What would you think about Glenn and Maggie taking care of Lizzie and maybe Mika too, unless everyone forgets she exists? They'd probably be gentler parents that Carol, who is in a tough love headspace. Tell us your thoughts below!

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter