The Walking Dead Season 5: What Happens to Glenn Rhee in the Comics?
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 5: What Happens to Glenn Rhee in the Comics?

Spoilers ahead!

Be glad that The Walking Dead TV show does not always follow The Walking Dead comic book series. There are some plots we wish they’d stick closer to, and then there’s what happens to Glenn Rhee. It’s dramatic, but also crushing.

In the comics, Glenn’s story has already veered from the AMC show’s path in a couple of different ways. In the books, a few members of the group actually return to Hershel Greene’s farm for a while, but they don’t seem to be doing that on TV. We’re probably supposed to just assume that the farm burned to the ground after the Season 2 finale.

Comic book Glenn ends up meeting The Governor and company in Woodbury and was coerced for information, like on TV. However, in the books, Glenn had to witness The Governor cut off Rick's hand and he had to listen as The Governor raped Michonne. They did something close to this when Merle Dixon captured Glenn and Maggie Greene and brought them to Woodbury in Season 3.

In the comics, he and Maggie also get engaged, and are married by her father Hershel. Glenn is shot at one point by a Woodbury guy named Bruce, but since Glenn was wearing prison riot gear the bullets don’t kill him. He steps back a bit in the later fights with Woodbury, and decides to leave with Maggie, Sophia (who is still alive in the comics, and under Glenn and Maggie’s care), Dale, and Andrea (both still alive at this point too). They go back to Hershel’s farm, where they meet up with Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene — who joined the TV show last season. When the prison group reunites with them, Maggie is devastated to hear her father and brother didn’t survive the attack. (Maggie doesn’t even have a sister named Beth in the comics, although she does lose other siblings.)

Glenn and Maggie head out on the road with Abraham and company, aiming to get to Washington, D.C. Depressed Maggie ends up trying to hang herself, and Glenn cuts the ropes and tries to revive her. Abraham wins no points when he decides they can't take a chance and tries to shoot Maggie in the head. Rick threatens to shoot Abraham for that, but Maggie wakes up and feels ashamed. She and Glenn talk about her depression over both losing her family and not being able to get pregnant.

The Walking Dead Season 5: What Happens to Glenn Rhee in the Comics?
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Glenn is hurt again in a confrontation with the Hunters, but he’s patched up. The group ends up at the Alexandria Safe-Zone in Alexandria, Virginia, and Glenn finds a new role as a supply runner. Glenn ends up visiting a place called the Hilltop Colony and decides he likes it more than Alexandria. When he returns to tell Maggie, she reveals that she’s pregnant. He says they should go to Hilltop because it’s safer there.

Unfortunately, there's a group called The Saviors that sometimes protects but also terrifies Hilltop. During a trip from Hilltop to the Safe Zone, Rick's group is ambushed by Saviors; Rick sends the only survivor back to The Saviors leader, Negan, with a warning to leave the people of Hilltop alone. The Saviors retaliate, and here's the really bad part for Glenn. Negan and a group of Saviors ambush Rick's group, which includes Glenn. Negan decides to punish the group for killing so many Saviors, so he brutally beats Glenn to death with his barbed-wire-covered baseball bat, which he named "Lucille." Harsh!

Maggie decides to stay at Hilltop with Sophia and her new baby, and Rick promises to get revenge for Glenn.

So things don’t end well for Glenn in the comics, but — at this point — Maggie is still alive. The series is still being written, though, so it’s hard to tell if she’ll stay safe for long. Hopefully Glenn does not meet the same fate on the AMC show, but we do know “no one is safe”!

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres on October 12 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.