The Walking Dead Season 4: Can The Governor and Team Prison Co-Exist?
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4: Can The Governor and Team Prison Co-Exist?

On the December 1 mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, we’re poised to be seeing a long-awaited face-off between Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and The Governor (David Morrissey).

Rick and his crew are sitting pretty in the relatively secure prison, and after his new daughter Meghan was nearly mauled by a walker during a game of tag, The Governor decided he needed to leave his glorified campground for something more secure. As we know by now The Governor doesn’t share or play well with others, so he’s decided that it’s time to kill Rick and his crew and overtake the prison as his new kingdom.

However, Rick’s group isn’t as large as it once was thanks to the flu, and The Governor was only leading about a dozen or so people to begin with. The prison is certainly large enough to house everyone, but can we really expect these two factions to co-exist? After all, The Governor hasn’t really changed that much at this point, if at all.

The Hollywood Reporter posed the co-existing question to showrunner Scott Gimple, and this is what he had to say. “Both Rick and The Governor are trying to step away from who they were and from the brutality of this world. There are very stark parallels between these two guys and their stories this year. One way or another, the stories are going to crash together. Obviously, we know that at the end of seven,” Scott begins.

“But can they coexist? Has Rick come that far? Has the Governor come that far? Quite possibly but maybe not,” he adds with a laugh.

We think the main roadblock here is trust. Both Rick’s team and The Governor have affected each other in profound ways — Michonne by stabbing The Gov.’s eye and killing Penny, and The Governor by abusing Maggie and Glenn and killing Andrea — and we just can’t see how either side will ever be able to trust the other again at this point. But maybe we’re wrong.

Do you see The Governor and Team Prison co-existing in the future? Tell us your thoughts and theories below!

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter