Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey Season 4: Who Killed [SPOILER]? The Results Are In!

In the wake of the ;February 16 episode ;and the surprising (though not unwanted) ;demise ;of ;Mr. Green ;(Nigel Harman) speculation ran wild as to which ;Downton Abbey ;character might be behind Green’s sudden death. Details surrounding his “accidental” fall in front of a passing vehicle were vague at best, and after ;Green’s horrendous attack ;on ;Anna Bates ;(Joanne Froggatt) plenty of people had a motive for offing ;Lord Gillingham’s (Tom Cullen) twisted valet.

We sorted through the options and ;came up with five likely suspects. There were a few less obvious choices, including Anna’s employer and friend, posh ;Lady Mary ;(Michelle Dockery), and Anna’s co-worker and confident, the tremendous ;Mrs. Hughes ;(Phyllis Logan). Anna herself also made the list for obvious reasons as did her husband, ;Mr. John Bates ;(Brendan Coyle).

Indeed, John seemed the most likely suspect due to his unexplained absence from the Abbey the day of Green’s incident and a less than squeaky clean past (he did spend a good deal of time rubbing elbows with criminals in Season 2). But, it seems, there was doubt as to how guilty Bates might be. A surprisingly close contender in our “Who Killed Mr. Green” poll? Just a little cosmic force known as karma.

So who did you all think was to blame for Mr. Green’s fatal misstep? Click through for the answer.