Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Halloween Special Promo: 18 Things We Learn (VIDEO)
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Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Halloween Special Promo: 18 Things We Learn (VIDEO)

The Pretty Little Liars Season 4 finale hasn't aired yet (it's on tomorrow, August 27), but we've already been given a sneak peek at what's coming up in October, thanks to a preview from ABC Family that teases the epic Halloween special (October 22), and the premiere of Ravenswood, which will air after the special and extend the same story.

What can we learn from this promo? We've taken a close look at everything it reveals.

What do the six names mean? Before we get to the promo itself, we need to talk about the hashtag names. ABC Family actually released six versions of this promo. They're each the same, except that they open with a different hashtag: #ShanA, #EzrA, #MonA, #AriA, #JennA and #JAke. Does that mean those are the six people who could be Red Coat? Will one of them be revealed as on the "A" team in the summer finale (in which case only their name will actually air in the official television promo), or are these six names pointing to people who will be suspects going into the Halloween episode?

Whatever the case, we're intrigued by the selection. There are some obvious names there (Shana, Jenna, Mona), but also some real shockers (Aria, Ezra, Jake of all people). We can't wait to figure out what it all means.

It's in Ravenswood. We know the Liars go to Ravenswood in the Season 4 summer finale, and this promo teases that their "unbelievable journey to Ravenswood continues." Given that the Halloween special will be followed by the Ravenswood premiere, we're not surprised the Liars are sticking around town.

A figure in the woods. The promo proper opens with a dark figure running through the woods at :03 (we see it again at :22). We also see the Liars out and about in the woods at night throughout the promo. Yeah, because wandering around at night always ends so well for them. We're especially freaked by a shot at :05, which seems to show a figure lurking behind the Liars as they walk through the woods (though that could just be a statue; Ravenswood appears to have a lot of them).

Dress up. We know this episode doesn't take place at Halloween in the world of the show, but it looks like the writers find a reason to get the Liars all dressed up anyway.

Creepy masked figure. Throughout the promo (such as at :05, :15, and :22), we see a figure in what appears to be a gas mask. We're getting serious chills just thinking about it. It doesn't help that s/he's brandishing gardening shears at :17.

Red Coat? We're pretty sure there's a Red Coat spotting at :05.

Emily is grabbed. At :06 we see someone grab Emily by the arm. Based on the next shot, it appears to be Carla Grunwald, but that could be a misleading cut.

"You need to leave." Either way, we know that at some point Ms. Grunwald warns Emily, "You need to leave. Now"

More grabbing! At :08 Aria's ankle is grabbed from below. Talk about creepy!

A storm's coming. Around :09 we see that there's a storm, because things weren't atmospheric enough already.

A room full of bottles. At :11 we see someone wandering through a room that looks like it could belong in Hogwarts; it's filled with strangely shaped jars full of oddly colored liquids.

Greenhouse? At :12 we see Spencer in what appears to be a greenhouse. At :17 the person in the gas mask is spotted in the same place.

"Help Me." On a wall someone has written "Help Me." Uh-oh. We see Hanna examining the text at :13.

Something seriously weird. "There's something seriously weird going on in this town," we hear Aria say. No kidding!

Hanna gets a surprise. At :15 Hanna appears to see the creepy masked figure and gasps.

What falls? At :16 we hear a dramatic clink, and see a disturbance at a window that leaves Emily gaping. It's hard to tell what exactly is happening, though.

Hanna separated? At :18 we see Hanna running down a corridor, followed by a shot of Emily, Aria, and Spencer walking and looking concerned. "Why would she just leave like that?!" Emily says, sounding annoyed. Is she talking about Hanna? It would appear so, because next Spencer says, "She wouldn't," and then we see a shot of Hanna's hat next to the "Help Me" message. The promo clearly wants us to think Hanna gets separated from the other Liars. We'll see if that's how it actually plays out.

Ezra is there. In case you're wondering: Yes, Ezra is in this episode. We see him with the Liars at :22.

Check it out for yourself:

Did we miss anything? Do you interpret something differently? Sound off in the comments below!

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Catch the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 summer finale on Tuesday, August 27, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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