The Walking Dead Season 4: What Happens to Tyreese in the Comics?
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4: What Happens to Tyreese in the Comics?

Spoilers ahead from The Walking Dead comic series, which may or may not relate to the TV show.

The Walking Dead isn’t a show like HBO’s Game of Thrones, where book-readers have a pretty good idea of what’s going to happen next. The Walking Dead is based on the comic books written by Robert Kirkman, who has been pushing for the AMC show to change things and be its own entity. That said, the show does sometimes follow the books, and new showrunner Scott Gimple, a big fan of the comics, said Season 4 will be like a “remix” of the comics.

So we’re going back to the source material to see if it gives us any hints as to what may happen to our beloved Team Prison survivors.

Tyreese, for example, is a character out of the comics, but his story went way far afield in Season 3. In the comics, Tyreese has a daughter Julie and she has a boyfriend, Chris. They meet up with Rick's group on the road as Rick's group is leaving Atlanta. Tyreese ends up saving Rick's life at the Wiltshire Estates and they become friends. After Shane's death, Tyreese is basically Rick's new BFF. In the TV series, Daryl Dixon essentially takes that right-hand man role, but Daryl doesn't exist in the comics.

On that note, in the comics, Tyreese also starts a romantic relationship with Carol. They connect at Wiltshire Estates, and then at Hershel's farm. However, once they get to the prison, there's a whole love triangle thing with Michonne, who "seduces" Tyreese, which devastates Carol. They're probably not going to go in this direction on TV. The previews show Tyreese in a relationship with Karen, who also came over from Woodbury on the TV show.

In the comics Tyreese suffers a tragedy at the prison when Julie and Chris make a suicide pact together, and this is when the group learns people reanimate as zombies when they die, whether they are bit or not. Chris shoots Julie too early and she ends up returning as a zombie. Tyreese sees Chris shoot his daughter, and Tyreese responds by brutally killing Chris in front of Rick.

Tyreese shows more rage when clearing the prison's gym and mutilating a huge walker herd. It seems like they might be doing something like that on Season 4, but outside during the car scene teased in the Comic-Con trailer when see Tyreese break out his hammer to go to town on a herd.

The Walking Dead Season 4: What Happens to Tyreese in the Comics?
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

In the comics, Tyreese and Rick end up in a big fight and their relationship is never quite the same. A little while later, they come upon the small town of Woodbury. Rick, Glenn, and Michonne are given the kind of treatment Glenn and Maggie got from The Governor in Season 3 — except The Governor cuts off Rick's hand, and Michonne bites The Gov's ear off, then The Gov rapes Michonne while Glenn listens from the next room.

Later, after The Governor's first attack on the prison, Michonne and Tyreese leave the prison to try and ambush the Woodbury army in the woods. Tyreese gets captured and The Governor brings him to the prison gates. He gives Team Prison an ultimatum — let The Gov and his people in the prison or Tyreese dies. Tyrese argues for the group not to give in to The Gov's demands. Rick decides to let Ty die so the others can live. Tyrese is decapitated using Michonne's own katana. Even worse, his head later reanimates and he’s put down by Michonne.

So, in the comics, The Governor cuts Tyreese's head off and that’s how he dies. Who knows if they'll actually go down that road at all on the TV show once The Gov’s storyline comes back into play. Maybe they will. Or maybe someone else will be "Tyreesed" like that. Tyreese's story has been so different on TV so far. He has a sister, Sasha, instead of a daughter and her boyfriend. He's not with Carol or Michonne (yet), and he joined Team Woodbury when Rick went crazy on him. These are all new things, but it's possible the plot will circle back now and we'll cover some of Tyreese's other plot points — like mourning the death of a loved one, the rage against the zombies, fighting with Rick, and possibly his death.

Any thoughts on what might happen to Tyreese in Season 4, which starts October 13? Do you think he’ll live on and someone else will be Tyreesed? Or will they skip that idea altogether?

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