Is Harrison Really Dead on Scandal? Shonda Rhimes Says… (VIDEO)

We've known for a while that Columbus Short was fired from Scandal. Given that his character, Harrison Wright, was left with his fate up in the air at the end of Season 3, most people assumed that we would find out he did, indeed, die. But is there a chance he'll be written out with a happier ending?

Sorry, but no. At the recent TCA press tour, Shonda dished that yes, it's "safe to assume that Harrison has met his end." Sorry, Harrison fans! Well, at least he got some stuff to do in Season 3, right?

Shonda didn't say why Columbus was fired, though it's probably safe to assume it has to do with his recent problems with the law including his former assault charge, arrest for public intoxication, or the allegations that he threatened his wife. Columbus himself has made it clear that he is not resentful of being fired; he even says that Shonda wasn't the one behind it — ABC was, and he understands why.

Shonda didn't spill much else about the show's fourth season, but she did hint there might be a time jump. Plus, surprise, surprise, Olivia is still in love with Fitz (sorry Jake), Papa Pope is a bigger player than ever, and there’s always more to come.

For more on Columbus Short's departure, check out the video above!