The Walking Dead Season 4: Is The Governor Really Evil?
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4: Is The Governor Really Evil?

The Governor has gotten a bad wrap on The Walking Dead thus far. Sure, he killed his bestie Milton and practically sealed Andrea’s sad fate in the midst of waging war on Rick and the prison gang, but is the former dad really evil, or is he just trying to do his best to survive in this post-apocalyptic world?

The Gov’s portrayer, David Morrissey, had an interesting perspective on his counterpart’s motivations and psyche, which he voiced during San Diego Comic-Con last month. “At the end of last season, he was in a very dark place — but he feels like they betrayed them and that’s just not going to go down with The Governor,” he noted. “There was a switch in him, and now we see him dealing with what that switch is; what is it that makes that switch go down?”

Still reeling from the death of his daughter at the hands of Michonne, there’s no question that The Governor has unfinished business with Rick and his crew. But is he truly evil, or is he just trying to get even after Penny’s demise?

With the deaths of all those close to him, Morrissey is keenly aware that he is now playing a character with nothing left to lose. He told Wetpaint Entertainment exclusively, “It's about whether you can find anything else to love, or whether that lack of love, the lack of having nothing to live for makes him an even more dangerous man. When you start caring in this world, it's a very dangerous thing because you've got something to lose. And he's the man without anything to lose. That's a very dangerous thing.”

While we know The Governor will play a pivotal role in Season 4, we don’t know exactly when he is scheduled to resurface and wreak havoc on the other survivors.

Do you think The Governor is pure evil, or is there room for him to grow and learn to love again?

Tell us your thoughts and theories below!

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