Pretty Little Liars Season 4: Is [SPOILER] Ezra’s New Love Interest? Bryan Holdman Says…
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4: Is [SPOILER] Ezra’s New Love Interest? Bryan Holdman Says…

Bryan Holdman is one enigmatic fellow. The Pretty Little Liars writer is causing quite a stir on Twitter with his vague comments about new character Zoe (played by Rumer Willis) and her possible connection to Ezra (Ian Harding).

“Hmmm... How do I explain that the Zoe of it all is kind of Ezra's idea? Better not say more and spoil the pie!” tweeted Bryan last night, prompting the Twitter-sphere to erupt with fears that Zoe was Ezra’s new love interest.

“I think I caused a stir! Stand down, Ezrians. You're making assumptions,” tweeted Bryan shortly after, trying to calm the masses. It seems the fear are baseless. In fact, Bryan called them, “150% wrong.” That’s a lot of percentage incorrect.

Bryan even re-tweeted @SleepntheHrding’s tweet to prove his point: “You guys, please show me where @BryanHoldman said Zoe was Ezra's love interest. Stop jumping to conclusions! // Word,” adding that he “need[s] some kind of hotline. First they give gifts, then they hit me with their tweets.” Enigmatic, but funny.

We don’t know much about Rumer Willis’ character, Zoe, yet — other than that she is the organizer of a worldwide charity. Bryan’s original tweet implies that Zoe does have some sort of connection to Ezra. Could she come to Rosewood as a favor to him, perhaps for Aria or one of the other Liars?

What do you think about all of the Twitter hysteria? Does Zoe have a connection to Ezra? Why is she coming to Rosewood? Sound off in the comments below!

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 premieres on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.