Game of Thrones Season 4: “It’s Going to Surpass Season 3!”
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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Season 4: “It’s Going to Surpass Season 3!”

Many fans and critics alike applauded Game of Thrones Season 3 as the strongest season yet for the HBO fantasy epic. With so many standout scenes — Dracarys!, Jaime's bath scene, of course the Red Wedding — it's easy to see why this season earned the show a whopping 16 Emmy nominations. However, if you ask the showrunners and actors, Season 4 is going to top it.

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Showrunner David Benioff told Entertainment Weekly that Season 4 has "the toughest production schedule" yet, thanks to even more action than in the past. But if they pull it all off (and, come on, they always pull it off!), David thinks "it’s going to surpass Season 3."

He added that the writers were always excited about Season 4; they were especially thrilled to pen some of the scenes that we'll be seeing in "the last three episodes" (book fans can probably guess what he's talking about).

Peter Dinklage agreed, saying that he's seen the scripts for the season, and they're actually his "favorite so far of the whole series."

We. Can't. Wait.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly