Pretty Little Liars Season 4: Do You Like Jake, Aria’s New Love Interest?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4: Do You Like Jake, Aria’s New Love Interest?

When it comes to Pretty Little Liars couples, no one has had more problems than Ezria. Though Ezra and Aria tried to hold together through the drama of their age difference, her parents’ disapproval, Ezra suddenly finding out he was a parent, and all of their “A” problems, they broke up at the end of Season 3 (Episode 24, “A dAngerous gAme”) and have yet to reconcile.

In addition to the problems above getting in the way of their reunion, now Aria has a new man in her life: Jake. Their first meeting was when she was searching for her pal Holden and got an impromptu karate lesson — girl has a thing for teachers — during which Aria swooped in and randomly kissed him, then promptly ran away. Later, he showed up at her door unannounced to ask her out, and after a moment’s hesitation, she agreed.

In Season 4, Episode 3: "Cat's Cradle," we saw that first date pan out, and it was equally as awkward. He’s sweet and sensitive and is definitely a looker, but she quickly discovered they don’t share the same love for black-and-white films and classic novels. (Not everyone can be Ezra!) Jake pointed out that two people don’t have to like all the same things to be compatible, and she seemed to accept that — but will this relationship progress past a first or second date? That’s still to be determined. In the sneak peek for Season 4, Episode 4: “Face Time,” Jake tells Aria that he knows she’s not over Ezra, which leads to, yet another, awkward conversation.

We think they could be a good match. They’re closer in age, he clearly likes her, and they already stumbled through that awkward first kiss. The question is, PLL fans — do you like Jake? Put your Ezria-shipping thoughts aside for a moment and think about him as a person. Should he stick around? Vote in the reaction buttons below!