The Walking Dead Season 4: Have We Seen the Last of Lilly and Tara Chambler?
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The Walking Dead Season 4: Have We Seen the Last of Lilly and Tara Chambler?

There was plenty of death and destruction in The Walking Dead Season 4 mid-season finale, and although we’ve talked about The Governor (David Morrissey) and Hershel Greene’s (Scott Wilson) respective deaths in great detail since we watched it all go down last Sunday night, one character’s tragic passing has been seriously overlooked.

Poor Meghan Chambler (Meyrick Murphy) was bitten by a walker as she played by herself, and mom Lilly didn’t get there in time to save her. When a grieving Lilly brought Meghan’s body to The Governor just as the war with Team Prison had begun, he shot the little girl that he loved in the head.

Once Lilly saw that “Brian” was attacking the prison for his own selfish reasons (and that the people inside weren’t really evil, as he had stated) she knew “Brian” was no good. Michonne (Danai Gurira) may have stabbed The Gov. with the same katana he used to behead Hershel, but it was Lilly that put that final bullet in his head, just like he had done with Meghan moments before.

We aren’t sure where Lilly was headed after that, and her sister Tara, who was clearly not a fan of The Governor’s attack is even more of a mystery, but can we expect to see more of the remaining Chambler girls once Season 4 picks up again on February 9, 2014?

Showrunner Scott Gimple was asked that very same question during a chat with Vulture, and he gave one of his trademark vague and frustrating answers. “Definitely don’t want to answer that. But maybe sorta!”

“Maybe sorta” certainly sounds like a yes of some sort, but we’ve learned that it’s dangerous to assume anything with this show. However, when actress Alanna Masterson signed on to play Tara, her role came with the option to be promoted to series regular in Season 5. There’s certainly more to explore with Tara, and we could see her fitting in well with the now disbanded Team Prison, but we won’t get our hopes up just yet.

Do you think we’ll see Tara and Lilly in the back half of Season 4, or have they worn out their welcome? Tell us your thoughts below!

The Walking Dead Season 4 returns to AMC on February 9, 2014, at 9 p.m. ET.

Source: Vulture