The Walking Dead Season 4: Logic Fails and Burning Fan Questions So Far
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4: Logic Fails and Burning Fan Questions So Far

One of the things we love most about The Walking Dead is the gritty and realistic way it portrays the idea of the zombie apocalypse. But even as the show continues to craft a believable universe with each episode, there are certain plot holes and unexplained events that leave us scratching our heads every week. These burning questions and logic fails aren't necessarily important to the overall plot, but we do want some answers! We’ll be adding to this throughout The Walking Dead Season 4 so be sure to keep checking back.

Hershel Greene and His Robo-Leg
In case you haven’t noticed, Hershel is getting around crazy-well on his “found” prosthetic leg. So well, in fact, that it seems like he’s even stronger than before he got his leg hacked off! In The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 5, “Internment”, we even saw Hershel hurl a walker over a rail all WWE-style.

On the “Fresh Buzz” segment of Talking Dead post-“Internment”, we learned actor Scott Wilson (who has both legs, mind you) performed his own stunts in this episode and he joked that “kneepads, adrenaline, and ibuprofen got him through the scenes.” If an able-bodied, two-legged 71-year-old man struggled with this stunt, how did malnourished, one-legged Hershel manage it?

Protective Structures That Aren’t Protective
Reinforcing the fence by leaning some skinny logs against it? C’mon, Rick — you’re better than that! Mythbusters’ star Adam Savage guested on Talking Dead on November 10, 2013, and had some thoughts about Rick and Carl’s “terrible, terrible, terrible method.” When asked what he would’ve done to protect the prison, he answered, “I would be adding lots of welded steel [...] Triangulation is your friend in engineering!” And he didn’t have just one solution! Adam added, “Or an excavator and dig a pit! [Zombies] can’t climb very well!”

Mega-Horde of Zombies at the Fence
And speaking of terrible choices, why wasn’t #TeamPrison more proactive about taking care of the load of zombies at the fences earlier? They certainly could’ve taken them all out (or a majority of them) so that they wouldn’t be able to destroy the fence yet again. #TeamPrison could’ve mowed down the horde with their bus or — wait, where the heck were those machine guns earlier?

A Middle-Aged Man and His Pre-Teen Son Keep the Mega-Horde at Bay
Speaking of our favorite automatic weapon-toting father-and-son duo, were these two (plus some machine guns) really enough manpower to keep a big ol’ raging zombie herd at bay?

The Walking Dead Season 4: Logic Fails and Burning Fan Questions So Far
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Where’d They Get THAT?
Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) didn’t forego all creature comforts for the zombie apocalypse — he’s got an iPod! (We wonder what he was listening to?) And Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson) went from hobbling around on one leg and a makeshift cane to cruising the prison on a sleek new prosthetic leg. Where do you pick up one of those things in a post-apocalyptic world infested with the undead? They said they found both items on a run, which we guess is somewhat believable if not incredibly lucky.

And then there’s Michonne (Danai Gurira). When she’s not rolling around in the group’s shiny, new Hyundai SUV, she’s surveying the land on a horse. Let us guess: She lassoed that sucker on a run. The learning here is that you can procure just about anything (artificial limbs, working portable electronics, large domesticated mammals) on a supply run!

Zombie Poo?
We know that zombies might have working digestive systems (remember when they opened up that zombie looking for Sophia’s remains?), so if that’s the case, then where in the (post-apocalyptic) world are all the zombie BMs? Also, whether zombies respectfully bury their poo or not, we are 99% sure that their decomposing body parts and organs must give off a slightly pungent odor (we are told as much all the way back in Season 1, Episode 2), so it’s surprising that Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) would've unsuspectingly driven straight into a thousands-deep horde without some olfactory warning signs.

The Walking Dead Season 4: Logic Fails and Burning Fan Questions So Far
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Unused Zombie Camoufaging Tricks
In Season 1, Rick found out that smearing yourself with slimy zombie guts keeps the walkers away. In Season 3, Michonne revealed that keeping a zombie chained to her side also keeps walkers away. In Season 4, we see none of these genius techniques being used on missions — what gives?!

In line with this, why do people go on missions with skin showing? Wouldn't it be better protection against zombie mouths to keep yourself as covered up as possible? Sword fighting your way through a zombie horde is not the time to show off your cleavage. Actually, if they were smart they'd wear one of those early 20th century diving suits with the cage in front of the face. One of these beauts could undoubtedly be procured on a supply run (see above).

Hershel vs. the Dead Pig
Hershel is a doctor, but he’s not a human doctor — he’s a vet! If the new threat started with a dead pig, why doesn't Hershel have more of an idea of what’s up? Here’s what we think: Hershel should be spending less time with the sick humans and more time dissecting that dead pig! Then again, maybe he’s burnt out on veterinary work or he only knows how to spay and neuter? Either way, he needs to spend less time playing wise old man and more time playing vet!

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The Walking Dead Season 4 airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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