Downton Abbey Season 4: Who is Lord Gillingham’s Fiancée?
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Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey Season 4: Who is Lord Gillingham’s Fiancée?

Downton Abbey Season 4 introduces us to a particularly dreamy gentleman known as Anthony Foyle, a.k.a. Lord Gillingham, (Tom Cullen). As hard as it is to think of Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) moving on from her Christmas snow angel, Matthew (Dan Stevens), we all have to face facts: Matthew is gone and Mary needs a new partner as she takes on the responsibilities of running Downton and also raising her young son, George.

Anthony seems like the perfect candidate for the role of Mary’s next suitor. They come from similar backgrounds, know each other’s families, and look mighty fine in posh clothes. What more does a relationship need?

Unfortunately, though, there’s a small wrinkle in our otherwise perfectly pressed plans for the eldest Crawley daughter. Rumor has it Anthony’s on the verge of getting engaged. (And, sorry ladies, but the actor behind that suit and tie is also in a relationship.)

Details on Anthony’s other woman are few and far between, but we do know the connection is one more of convenience than of chemistry. Identified as the Honorable Mabel Lane Fox, we’re imagining Lavina 2.0 but with a stronger immune system.

Unlike Matthew’s one-time wife-to-be, however, it’s unlikely Mabel will make an appearance at Downton, let alone die tragically from Spanish Influenza (that’s so 1919). Rather, Mabel Lane will only be mentioned in the abstract until, fingers crossed, Mary’s physical presence wins Anthony over. No offense intended, Mabel, but any man that can make Mary smile this big needs to stick around the Abbey.

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