The Walking Dead Season 4: Would Maggie Greene Ever Have a Baby? Lauren Cohan Says…
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The Walking Dead Season 4: Would Maggie Greene Ever Have a Baby? Lauren Cohan Says…

We’re still not convinced that The Walking Dead’s resident lovebirds Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan) and Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) will actually have that wedding we’ve been looking forward to ever since the duo got engaged last season — after all, this interview seems to suggest otherwise — but Lauren is optimistic about the couple’s future.

In a question and answer with AMC’s blog, Lauren weighed in on whether or not Mags would ever have Glenn’s baby. Though she had a pregnancy scare in the Season 4 premiere, we’re under the impression that she’s not with child, even though we have theories of our own.

“I knew that we would have the possibility of a pregnancy and I knew that Maggie’s M.O. this year would be, ‘Live, don’t just survive. There’s apprehension about whether or not she could have a baby, but I think she definitely would. Even in today’s society, I don’t think anybody is ever ready for a baby — but that doesn’t make it the wrong choice when you have it.”

In the comics, Maggie has trouble getting pregnant, but if the Powers That Be decide to knock Maggie up this season, we have a feeling it would happen sooner rather than later — clearly Lauren is ready for her character to have a baby on board!

And even though we don’t know what the future holds for Glenn and Maggie (we’re just hoping that TV Glenn doesn’t suffer his comic book counterpart’s fate) Lauren is glad that she’s part of something joyful in the TWD universe. “It’s been good to portray that kind of relationship and explore that kind of hope in this world,” she explains.

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Source: AMC’s blog

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