The Walking Dead Season 4: Maggie Greene Regrets Forgiving The Governor, Is Stronger Now
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4: Maggie Greene Regrets Forgiving The Governor, Is Stronger Now

It looks like Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) isn’t the only character on The Walking Dead who regrets not going after and killing The Governor (David Morrissey) when he had the opportunity to do so. Season 4, Episode 13: “Alone” saw Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan) come “unhinged” in her search for her boo, Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun), and in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Lauren explains what led Maggie to realize that she couldn’t look for Glenn by herself, as she initially intended to do, and how The Governor keeps her motivated.

“What was interesting for me in this episode is it's a coping mechanism as much as it's a real quest to find Glenn. All she can do right now is steam through these walkers. Maggie knows no limits at this point, and that's a big part of her and Sasha's argument. Sasha is avoiding having to be disappointed, and if she isn't going to emotionally invest, then she can't be disappointed. But Maggie knows her better than that, which is what we see at the end of the episode: You can ask her to risk her life for her own benefit. That's all we do now is risk our lives,” Lauren notes. “What's changed in Maggie is that recognition it's finding Glenn, but it's also finding out who she is in her search for him and knowing despite all this despair, she is still an incredibly faithful person and she's not going to leave anyone behind. She deeply knows in her heart that they are still alive and it's going to be OK.”

And although Maggie hasn’t even mentioned one-eyed Bri in the back half of the season, Lauren says everything he took from her and her prison family just serves as extra motivation for her to reunite with Glenn. It also helps to explain why she got rather violent (ripping open walkers) and pretty alarming in her search for him.

She explains, “It's also crazy because Maggie gets to act out what she wishes she acted out with The Governor and it was a nice change from the beginning of the season. She goes from this place of forgiveness when Michonne and Daryl go out on this vengeful mission [for The Governor], and says what she has [at the prison with safety, friends, and family] is worth looking out for and putting our focus on and I'm going to let [her vendetta with The Governor] go.”

As we, and Maggie know now, she made the wrong call in deciding not to go after The Gov. “It bites her in the end, and it's The Governor who takes away the last precious thing from her [her father, Hershel] and possibly her sister and her husband as well not to mention the prison, the camp and their whole lives to boot,” Lauren admits. “There is definitely a level of regret in there and recognition that she needs to put that warrior suit back on and not take it off for a while.”

What do you think of warrior Maggie: Is it necessary for her to act like this, or is her newfound intensity a bit frustrating. Tell us your thoughts and theories below!

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter