Pretty Little Liars Season 4: 5 Ways to Make It Better
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4: 5 Ways to Make It Better

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 has provided a lot of pleasure for viewers — but also some frustration. Hey, even our favorite shows aren't perfect. Now that the summer season is almost over, we've looked back over what's happened to reflect on what went right and what left us banging our heads against the wall.

Here are five things we think could take Season 4 from fun to flawless. Maybe we'll get our wishes in the winter season.

More real answers. We have a feeling the last two episodes of the summer season will help assuage some of our frustration, but really now. Season 3's Red Coat "unmAsking" was aggravatingly meaningless; at this point we're not so much excited to learn the truth as we are exhausted with the constant guessing. It's time for some more big reveals, à la Season 2's "A" answer.

But don’t dump everything on us at once. On the flip side, we could do without the characters dumping everything on us at once. We get why the writers had Mona spill a ton of small answers at the beginning of the season, but her information overload was simply overwhelming, and once we parsed it and realized she hadn't said much about what we actually want to know, it was also disappointing. Melissa's fight with Spencer outside of the mask maker's house was better, but we still could have done with less hints and more definitive info.

Get Aria more directly involved. Aria's actually done more sleuthing this year than she has in seasons past but her love story still feels frustratingly disconnected from everything else, and as much as we enjoyed seeing Mike again, he, too, ended up seeming like a distraction. We're tired of feeling like "A" sometimes forgets Aria even exists (unless there's a reason for that...).

More Mona. We wrote an entire article about why the show is better when Mona comes out to play. We've loved having her around recently, but that chunk of Mona-free episodes in the middle of the season was a drag. We don't ever want to go through that again.

Bring back MIA characters. We realize that real-world obstacles like budgets and actors' schedules make it hard to have every character stick around, but fans are really feeling the lack of formerly important characters like Jason, Lucas, and Noel. These are characters who have been around since the beginning, and there are still plenty of questions about them. We'd rather see old favorites return than meet a seemingly unending stream of new characters who each conveniently spill one or two important clues.

How would you improve this season? Or do you think it's perfect as-is? Sound off in the comments below!

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