The Walking Dead Season 4: Melissa McBride on Carol’s Confession to Tyreese
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The Walking Dead Season 4: Melissa McBride on Carol’s Confession to Tyreese

We thought we had our emotional fill while watching The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 14: “The Grove” after Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) killed Lizzie (Brighton Sharbino), which itself followed Lizzie stabbing Mika Samuels (Kyla Kenedy) — but with only a few minutes left, the instalment packed one final whallop. Carol confessed to Tyreese (Chad Coleman) that she was the one who killed his girlfriend Karen.

In Melissa’s mind, Carol killing Lizzie was just “what needed to be done,” but was confessing to Tyreese also necessary? Melissa spoke to Entertainment Weekly about Episode 14 and had plenty to say about that all important scene with Carol and Tyreese, including how Sophia’s death lead her to confess.

“I loved that scene, how quiet it was finally. Just the two of them with little Judith over in her crib. It was exhausting, it was an exhausting time. Unbelievable what the two had just been through. Unbelievable to them,” she began. “And all the stuff going through Carol’s mind, there was a great deal of ‘I have to tell him, I have to tell him now.’ For one, if we’re going to keep going together, there needs to be trust. Even more important than that, he needs to know what happened because Carol remembers not knowing what happened to Sophia. And she says, ‘That was the worst part. The worst part is not knowing.’ And she can only imagine what was going on in Tyreese’s mind, imagining what might have gone down with Karen, and how it happened, and who did it eating away with him. And with that going on in his mind she knows they can’t keep moving if he’s continuously thinking about what may have happened. That needs to be done.”

And even though Carol confessing to Tyreese was a gutsy move, she also told him the truth for her own reasons, not just to give Ty some answers. Melissa explains that Carol was actually looking for some form of validation: “She also needs to hand him the truth because even in her own mind, it’s like I need somebody to tell me I am doing okay here. I have done horrible, horrible things, and I need him to tell me it’s okay in some way. To at least know that he accepts what needs to be done, or let me go.”

As Melissa points out, when Carol gave Tyreese the gun and told him to do what he needed to, she was putting him in virtually the same position that she had just been in with Lizzie. “It puts him in the same position that she was in — to make a very difficult choice. She gives it to him, and I think it’s beautiful… But she doesn’t expect his forgiveness. That scene is loaded. It is so loaded.”

Are you surprised that Tyreese, who was an emotional wreck in the first half of the season, was able to forgive Carol for killing Karen? Tell us what you think below!

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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