The Walking Dead Season 4: What Happened to Michonne’s Son?

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4: What Happened to Michonne’s Son?

We've been learning a lot about Michonne (Danai Gurira) this season! First, we learned, comics spoilers aside, about her late boyfriend, Mike. Then we learned that she and Mike had a son named Andre. While comforting Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) after his harrowing ideal earlier in Season 4, Episode 16: "A," Michonne gave more details than ever before — and revealed how she came to be surviving the apocalypse solo.

Michonne's initial, post-apocalyptic unit included her, Mike, Andre, and Mike's friend Terry, staying in what Michonne called a "refugee camp." One day while Michonne was out on a run, she came back to find the fences around the camp destroyed — and Mike and Terry high, and bitten. "I could have stopped it," Michonne admitted to Carl. "But I let them turn."

She then detailed how, after the pair of friends turned, she made it so "they couldn't bite, they couldn't scratch," and wrapped chains around their necks — crafting them into her pet walkers that kept the more dangerous dead off her trail until she met with the larger group.

As for Andre, she didn't mention him specifically — but we've heard from her before that he's gone. But we're not sure whether she saw a body and she's not ready to talk about it, or whether she just assumed she'd never see it again. For now, we'll work under the assumption that he's dead, because as we've seen with the gang trying to keep Judith Grimes alive, the post-Turn world is not a friendly place to babies. But the possibility that we'll see Michonne's baby outside a flashback, however tiny, is there.

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