The Walking Dead Season 4: Michonne Reveals Son’s Name — It’s Andre!
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4: Michonne Reveals Son’s Name — It’s Andre!

Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) and Michonne(Danai Gurira) have a super-close relationship, so it's not really a surprise that when she finally confirmed that she used to be a mama — and the name of her son! — Michonne told Carl. The pair were on a supply run around their new neighborhood when Michonne broke the big news: she had a child, and his name was Andre — Andre Anthony. Of course, she didn't give it up right away — answers to Carl's questions about her past were a reward for clearing rooms in a nearby house of Walkers. But now we know!

She even provided a few more details. Andre was her only son, she said, "and he was a handful." "Like you," she added to Carl, who was being a handful at the time. "It happened after everything happened," she said, but we're not sure whether she's talking about her child's birth or death.

We'd gotten a glimpse of the tyke before, but we weren't really sure if her kid was real or part of a fever dream — was it actually Michonne's son, or was he just a symbol of what could've been if her boyfriend were still alive?Although we'd suspected before that Michonne had a child at some point in her life, although she doesn't have one in the comic books, we weren't sure about Andre until now.

Anyway, we can definitely see can see why she broke down holding Baby Judith earlier this season — and why she and Carl have such a special relationship.

We still don't know everything about Michonne's past — was her boyfriend, Mike, Andre's father? If Mike and his friend Terry became her "pets," what happened to her son's body? What was her life actually like before the Turn? But at least now we have some hints.

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