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The Walking Dead Season 4: Michonne Trusting Carl Grimes Is “Huge” (VIDEO)

One of our all-time favorite relationships on The Walking Dead is the one involving Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs). Part sibling, part parent-child bond, Carl and Michonne have a trust and respect for one another that runs very deep and we loved seeing them spend time together during last Sunday’s Episode 11: “Claimed.”

The pair left Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) behind and went on a run of their own, allowing them to open up to one another in a way that neither of them have really been able to do with others.

“Carl’s friendship with Michonne is really important, because Michonne still acts like a kid in a lot of ways and it’s someone that he can actually talk to other than his dad,” Chandler explains in AMC’s behind the scenes video above.

When Carl absentmindedly mentions baby Judith’s formula over breakfast and shuts down, Michonne knows something needs to be done.“She offers to go out with Carl, she’s trying to get him to open up,” Danai explains.

And as we saw in the episode, both of the characters opened up to one another in an expertly choreographed “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” type dance. While Carl talked about Judith and that loss, Michonne told him about her own son, Andre.

“The fact that she trusts him with this information is huge. He’s enough of a kid to want to know every detail and he’s enough of an adult to really understand that it’s a huge level of trust that she’s bestowing on him,” executive producer Denise Huth notes.

Michonne even shows her maternal side when she and Carl go in the house and she finds the children’s bedroom, which is now more of a gravesite for the young girls who once lived there. “Michonne encounters some pretty harrowing things in that house and tries to shield him from it,” Danai notes of how Michonne tries to keep Carl from suffering any additional emotional distress. “Knowing she’s trying to protect him so much, he finally starts to open up about his pain of losing Judith,” she concludes.

Are you glad that Michonne and Carl were able to confide in one another? Check out the complete video below and tell us your thoughts!

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