The Walking Dead Season 4 Mid-Season Finale: Is Baby Judith Still Alive?
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4 Mid-Season Finale: Is Baby Judith Still Alive?

The mid-season finale of Season 4 of The Walking Dead — Episode 8 “Too Far Gone” — was nothing short of brutal. Fans are still reeling over the death of fave character Hershel Greene, and equally upsetting is that we were left the the gruesome image of Baby Judith’s car seat covered in blood. But did Baby Judith survive the attack?

There were many things going on during the battle between The Governorr’s camp and the survivors at the prison in tonight’s episode. First, we saw that Beth Greene was in charge of getting everyone on the bus while The Governor’s militia lay siege to the prison. However, Beth left the bus in search of Judith, who was in the care of the younger children at the camp who wanted to help out during the fight.

When Tyrese bumped into the children, he alerted them to run away from the melee and for all we know, Tyreese and the prison children may have Judith. But, there’s also the possibility that Beth, who went in search of the children might have scooped the baby up too.

Of course, there’s one final possibility — Baby Judith could’ve met her death at the hands of a hungry walker that made its way through the prison thanks to the tank tearing down its defenses.

All we know is that we saw a bloodied car seat and a missing baby, and obviously a very upset Rick and Carl Grimes. Between everyone fighting, there’s bound to be some blood — be it from a dining walker or a human survivor. All we can hope is that like other characters on the show, Baby Judith didn’t meet a grisly end like she did in the comics.

Do you think Baby Judith is alive somewhere, or was she eaten by a hungry walker? Sound off your theories in the comments below!