The Walking Dead Season 4: Prepare For “Moments of Loss”, More Info About Lizzie
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4: Prepare For “Moments of Loss”, More Info About Lizzie

Listen, you don’t have to be a child psychologist to know that there’s something seriously wrong with The Walking Dead’s Lizzie Samuels (Brighton Sharbino). In Season 4 Episode 10 alone she offed a gaggle of fluffy bunnies and seemed to take far too much joy out of almost suffocating a crying baby Judith.

In all honesty we’re waiting for this kid to either snap and do something truly terrible — as some kiddos in the comic books have been wont to do. Or we’re waiting for it to be revealed that Lizzie is already way too far gone and played a role in certain disturbing events from earlier this season, like the placing the rats at the fence, dissecting that other rabbit at the prison (coincidence?!) or, worst case scenario, having some role in Karen and David’s murders.

Yahoo TV recently asked Gale Anne Hurd if we’re going to find out any more about Lizzie (duh) and her answer was an obvious “yes” — with plenty of mystery thrown in. “There's always a reason behind the choices that we make showing some things,” she said. “But each person responds differently to the zombie apocalypse and to the stressors they've endured and to death. Some people are less affected by it and develop a thick skin, and others aren't. I think we're able to see the contrast between Mika and Lizzie.” Mika (Kyla Kennedy) has said her older sis is messed up, and we couldn’t agree more.

In the final question of the interview Gale was asked if the remaining six episodes have a “darker vibe,” and although she didn’t mention Lizzie specifically her answer is pretty telling in general. “Yes. They're on the road, they're separated. They're much more vulnerable being on the road without a safe haven. So yes, it's darker and more dangerous.”

We already knew as much, but in the second half of her response, Gale all but confirms that we’re in for another death. Start taking bets, people! She continued, “At the same time, there will be moments of celebration. And moments of loss. It is The Walking Dead,” she said with a laugh. You laugh, we cry, Gale.

Thankfully, she concluded on a less somber note. “Anyone who's survived at this point has made that choice. It's easy to die, it's hard to survive. They're made of stronger stuff.” From what we can gather, it sounds like there will be at least one death in the near future and then things may even out a bit by the Season 4 finale, which isn’t unlike what Robert Kirkman has been saying for months.

Are you prepared for another TWD death? Tell us your feelings below!

The Walking Dead Season 4 airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

Source: Yahoo TV

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