The Walking Dead Season 4 Murders Two Children in “The Grove” — Did They Go Too Far?
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4 Murders Two Children in “The Grove” — Did They Go Too Far?

*Comic book spoilers referenced ahead*

Fans are used to characters dying on The Walking Dead — the word “dead” is right there in the title — but they usually die from stuff like walker bites or that “glorified” cold. It’s shocking when humans kill other humans, and it’s especially shocking when two of the humans killed are children.

Lizzie killed her little sister Mika last night on Season 4, Episode 14, “The Grove.” She stabbed her with a knife, aiming to turn her into a walker. We didn’t see her do it, but we saw the blood.

It was a remix of the comic book’s child killer storyline about twin brothers Ben and Billy, who were actually younger than the girls on screen. Still. Wow. On top of that, Lizzie planned to kill baby Judith next. In the comics, baby Judith is already dead, having died in the prison battle. Still. Wow. Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) and Tyreese (Chad Coleman) debated what to do about Lizzie. Should Carol leave with her? Should Tyreese leave with Judith? They decided Lizzie couldn’t be around other people. So Carol took the crying child out into the garden and told her to look at the flowers. Then she shot her. Wow.

Two dead little girls, with a third one almost getting her own grave. It was chilling. Was it too much for one episode or even an entire season? Don’t forget, we already saw walkers devour little Meghan in the first half, and Carol has done so much of what she’s done in the past year in an attempt to save more kids from ending up like Sophia. (This show hates little girls!)

TWD viewers are pretty tough — borderline desensitized — but hopefully you felt something from what happened to Mika and Lizzie. Lizzie may have been “messed up,” but she was just a kid, and you’d probably be messed up too if you lost your parents, your home, and saw death all around you all the time.

Do you think TWD got a little too dark last night, or did “The Grove” perfectly depict the dark reality of the zombie apocalypse? Not everyone is cut out for this world...

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