Walking Dead Music From Season 4: What Song Played at the End of Episode 4, “Indifference”?
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The Walking Dead

Walking Dead Music From Season 4: What Song Played at the End of Episode 4, “Indifference”?

Things didn't really quite pick up until the last few minutes of tonight's Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 4, "Indifference" when we found out some huge news. After Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Carol (Melissa McBride) finish up their supply run for meds and food, Rick drops a huge bomb on Carol. He tells Carol that the fates of Karen and David were not her decision to make, "When Tyreese finds out, he'll kill you. He damn near killed me over nothing." Rick continues, "When the others find out, they won't want you there. And if they don't make it back if everybody dies of this thing and it's just the two of us with Judith and Carl my children I won't have you there." Ouch. Looks like Carol is officially out of #TeamPrison.

Before the song in question plays, Rick leaves a stunned Carol with, "You're not that woman who is too scared to be alone — not anymore. You're going to start over, find others, people who don't know. And you're going to survive out here. You will." When Carol takes off in her station wagon with some gas and a few supplies, there's a haunting, melancholy song playing. Sharon Van Etten's "Serpents" was the perfect choice for this epic parting.

The lyrics are If you're wondering what's going to happen in The Walking Dead Season 4, Episodes 5 through 8, click here!

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