The Walking Dead Season 4: What Do You Want Next For Beth — and Daryl? (POLL)
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4: What Do You Want Next For Beth — and Daryl? (POLL)

Somewhere along the way — we’re still not sure how or why — Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) became a major debate topic for The Walking Dead fans. People seem to feel strongly about the youngest Greene sister, despite her arguably having as much to do in three seasons as T-Dog.

For some viewers, Beth is their favorite character. For others, she’s the worst — or at least the most expendable. Some fans are excited to see her have more camera time in the second half of Season 4, now that she’s fleeing the prison with Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus). Maybe Beth will finally get to shine and show us what she can do besides sing while holding baby Judith. For others, this Daryl business is worrisome. What if they try to make Daryl and Beth a thing? What if Daryl dies and Beth survives? Some fans would love to see Daryl and Beth get closer. Others, “Caryl” shippers or not, find the idea disturbing.

The strong opinions have led to some surprising Beth battles between fans. Here's just a selection of Beth comments out there, from a couple of Wetpaint stories:

• "I was actually quite surprised that Beth made it through season 3 let alone this far into season 4. After the end of season 2 she seemed to have ‘expendable character’ written all over her. I wouldn't have been surprised to see her wearing a ‘red shirt’ (hopefully some get that reference lol). If they're going to keep her alive any longer, they definitely do need to do a lot of character development and quick."

• "She is the most boring character on the show, she should have died long ago..."

• "F everyone who hates on Beth, she is going to have some major character development the next half of the season. Just because she hasn't been in the spotlight yet doesn't make her useless. Beth Greene defense squad on patrol."

• "Beth is my favourite character on the show despite her lack of screen time. She still has a lot of character development to go but I see her becoming a more rounded character on the show. I love that she's going to get a bit more time to show how great she can be and how great of an actor Emily Kinney is."

• "I really hope she gets some more character development, she has been on the show for a while and we have not really seen much of her."

• “Beth has been a drag on the storyline for 2 seasons now. The time to make me care about her is long past. Too late; I'm just waiting for her death.”

• "They could kill off Beth and I would be perfectly ok with it!"

• "Screw you...! Don't touch Beth!!"

• "I'm with you! Beth is annoying. She needs either some serious character development or to kick it. And I swear if there is a hook up between her a Daryl I'll hurl."

• "hahah I agree with this 100% she needs some development or be gone, she is stagnant, I would not miss her in the least....unless they do some good development on it to make me like her!"

• “Take Beth, please. No, no...I insist :)”

The Walking Dead Season 4: What Do You Want Next For Beth — and Daryl? (POLL)
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

• “Apparently people want Beth to die because she sings. She brings hope and humanity into what seems like a doomed world. If all you guys ever did was kill and not want hope for happiness, how do you expect to survive. You're basically doomed if that's all you want.”

• “I don't get all the Beth bashing, I think she has brought another side of the mental/psychological reaction to the stress of living in this new society. She contributes where she can. In that world just in as in this one some women's contribution is cooking cleaning, taking care of the babies, let ones who can handle do the heavier lifting. But when she was needed she had a gun in her hand too. She has lost so much, she avoids close relationships, the same as Michonne but in a slightly different way. Come on guys cut her some slack, we've only seen her with one guy, and he died. Don't see her and Daryl getting together, but this is uncharted territory.”

• "So excited to see Beth as part of the main cast this season, she is going to step up and become totally kick ass I just know it. The Daryl/Beth relationship is so sweet. Beth was the first person to hug him in a very very long time. and he even opened up to her, telling her he’s tired of losing people when she asked if he was okay. I think they are going to have some wonderful moments together possibly even a romance. There were little hints laid down in the first half of the season, something has to happen!"

• “If they had a romance, that would be gross. She's way too young. I don't even think she's legal age yet! Not that the law matters much in a zombie apocalypse, but it's still gross.”

• "I seriously hope that Daryl and Beth do NOT form a romantic relationship. I have many reasons. Number one being I ship him with Michonne. Lol no, seriously, though. Not only is the age difference bothering me, but Beth needs to development and blossom more. Even then I won't like that pairing. I just hope their relationship becomes strictly platonic or even have sort of a older brother/younger sister thing going on. That would be sweet. Nothing romantic. No. As for Judith, Tyrese took her, so she is in safe hands. Now, I don't want either of them to die because they have so much developmenting to do, but if I had to choose between the two, Beth would have to go. I haven't read all of the comics just the first one yesterday, so I so t know who lives and who dies. Honestly. If they kill off Daryl or Michonne or even Rick, I'm done with the show."

• "I don’t think the video hints to any kind of Beth & Daryl hookup but if they did it wouldn't bother me. He needs some Besides, her character has to be at least 18 by now. I mean wasn't she 17 in season 2?"

• "Cant ship beth and daryl ! beths character is a teen would totally ruin this storyline what’s wrong with u"


Now it’s your turn. How do you feel about Beth and what do you hope for her storyline in Season 4, and beyond? Vote in the poll below (you can select multiple options) or share your more detailed opinion in the comments, if you care to.

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