Downton Abbey Season 4 Finale: Paul Giamatti Reveals Romance!
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Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey Season 4 Finale: Paul Giamatti Reveals Romance!

Arriving at Downton Abbey for this year’s finale on February 23 on PBS are two very special guest stars. The first is Shirley MacLaine as familiar face Martha Levinson, Lady Cora’s (Elizabeth McGovern) brash American mother. Joining Martha on the voyage across the Atlantic this year is new addition, Harold (Paul Giamatti).

Although described as a playboy, Harold doesn’t exactly fit the bill, explains Paul in an interview with The Telegraph. “He’s awkward and not terribly comfortable in these social situations,” the Golden Globe Award-winning actor says of his Downton character. “He’s more comfortable in business. He obviously whores around a lot on yachts and stuff like that, but it’s not his primary interest.”

That may be some comfort to the prim and proper Dowager Countess (Maggie Smith), whom we can’t see taking kindly to Harold’s stories of lavish living and potential lawbreaking.

“I’m this immensely wealthy businessman who had some sort of involvement in ... crooked deals,”” Paul continues about his character, adding Harold’s come to London “to lay low.”

Unfortunately the Crawley family has never excelled at keeping a low profile. During the Season 4 ending, which debuted in the U.K. on December 25 and airs in the States this Sunday, the family heads to Buckingham Palace for Cousin Rose MacClare’s (Lily James) official presentation to the Royal Family.

Amid the pomp and circumstance surrounding the grand occasion, Harold will meet Lord Aysgarth (James Fox) who may not have the prosperous Yankee’s best interests at heart. “He sets his daughter on me,” Paul explains. “And so there’s a little thing that happens there.”

Sounds promising. Just be safe and avoid any driving. Downton finales have a bit of a bad history in that regard.

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Source: The Telegraph

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