Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Premiere: 5 Biggest Surprises
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Premiere: 5 Biggest Surprises

Watching the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 premiere should have been a sigh of relief not only is one of our favorite shows back, but we were finally going to get some answers! However, Season 4, Episode 1 ("A Is For A-l-i-v-e") left us with even more questions than we started with, which happens to be one of the things Pretty Little Liars is best at.

Here are our top five surprises from the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 premiere:

1. What’s in the trunk? Oh, a pig. All this build up surrounding what could possibly be in the trunk of Wilden’s cop car, and it’s a dead pig’s body? The seemingly pointlessness of this was our first surprise of the night. But little did we know the dead pig in the trunk was actually foreshadowing Detective Wilden's death! Oh, "A." We had no idea you were so poetic.

2. Jessica DiLaurentis is back... and so is Ali’s stuff. We’ve got to admit, it’s pretty strange that a mother would want to return to the place her daughter was murdered especially if she’s going to move all her daughter’s things back in with her as if Alison wasn't dead. And the day after an Ali sighting at the fire? This is way too suspicious for us to accept.

3. Shana and Jenna?! Who saw that relationship coming? We sure didn’t.

4. Jenna’s hand is burned! OK, first let’s examine the facts: the Liars (and Mona) almost burn to death in a fire, and Jenna shows up days later with a giant burn on her hand. Are we supposed to believe she had an accident while baking cookies? Please. That nasty burn could definitely link Jenna to the fire... but then again, Jenna is way too crafty to show off such an obvious mark if she didn’t want to be connected to the fire. Maybe she was the one who knocked out Toby? After all, if Toby would have gone in to rescue the Liars, he could have gotten himself killed in the fire. Perhaps this was her way of protecting him? Or maybe she did start the fire and this was payback for the time the Liars temporarily blinded her?

5. "A" wants Spencer and Mona to call... Hanna’s mom? We were totally confused when the phone in Wilden’s casket led to Ashley Marin’s phone, so what’s the deal? Don’t worry — "A" will let us know when she wants us to.

What shocked you most during the Season 4 premiere? Watch our recap below, and sound off in the comments!

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