Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Premiere Recap — Lisa Vs. Kyle!
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Premiere Recap — Lisa Vs. Kyle!

It's finally time for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 premiere, and we couldn't happier to see all the drama unfold! The ladies celebrate the 100th anniversary of Beverly Hills at Kyle Richards's big bash, which Lisa Vanderpump caters. So don't pet anyone's head, get your fingers out of the cake, and cover up at least one-fourth of your nipple.

Getting Real with the Realtor

The episode starts with Yolanda Foster providing moral support as her 18-year-old daughter Gigi Hadid goes on a modeling photo shoot. Gigi says she's willing to do three million sit-ups, and we're like, "We like doing three million sit-ups, too. But we'll probably get started on that tomorrow."

We get our first in-depth look at Brandi Glanville's on-again, off-again boyfriend Jonathan Ruiz, who is clearly on-again with her during this episode. He is also her real estate agent mixing business with pleasure, much? and helps her find a beautiful new home. Brandi also tells us all about their smokin' hot breakup sex. Is anyone else starting to sweat, or is it just us?

Then, Lisa rehearses for Dancing with the Stars, and she tells us she wishes she had been paired with a gay dancer instead of her scrumptious not to mention straight dance partner Gleb. Watch where you're putting that hand, Gleb!

Kyle is invited to join Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce and encouraged her to throw an event to celebrate the upcoming 100th birthday of Beverly Hills. Kyle asks Lisa to cater the event, but things get tense between them when Lisa makes a joke about Kyle's husband Mauricio and a younger woman. Kyle doesn't exactly appreciate this comment.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Premiere Recap — Lisa Vs. Kyle!
Credit: Ben Cohen/Bravo© NBC Universal, Inc.    

Who's a Businesswoman, and Who's Not?

The guests start to arrive at the party, although Lisa is skeptical about it because she doesn't feel that Kyle is a real businesswoman. Yikes. Meanwhile, the SUR staff members are bickering, and Kristen Doute hits the road after Lisa is worried about having her work at the same bar as Tom Sandoval. So long, Kristen!

We get our first introduction to Carlton Gebbia when she and her husband David — who are Chamber of Commerce members — drop by the party. She meets Lisa, although all Lisa seems focused on is that her accent is slightly different from Carlton's. Okay, then.

There is palpable tension between Kyle and Yolanda, as Kyle is still convinced that Yolanda insulted Lisa last season and then denied it. However, Lisa says she believes Kyle, and this is the main reason why Kyle and Lisa's rift appears to be impossible for them to overcome at the moment. Yolanda reluctantly agrees to attend the party, but she clearly isn't on Team Kyle.

You Can't Handle the Tooth

Kyle introduces Carlton to the other newbie, Joyce Giraud. Both new cast members seem to get along at first, as they both have similarly aged children. But then Joyce makes a crack about how she doesn't like the name of Joyce's youngest child, Cross. Carlton makes it clear that joking about her kids' names is off limits. And who would say they don't like someone's child's name?

Lisa and Kyle joke around with each other, but their levity seems to be more than a bit phony. Lisa says she has reasons to never talk to Kyle again, while Kyle is insulted that Lisa pets her head. Speaking of pets, the friendship between these two ladies is far from purrrr-fect.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Premiere Recap — Lisa Vs. Kyle!
Credit: Ben Cohen/Bravo© NBC Universal, Inc.    

In the kicthen, Brandi has a little chat with SUR staffer Scheana Marie — who hooked up with Eddie Cibrian back in the day — and Brandi asks about Scheana's tooth, which Scheana had recently chipped. Gotta love Brandi still finding a way to punish Scheana.

Our Overall Thoughts

Seriously, this season is going to be so insane. This episode makes it clear that Kyle and Lisa's friendship really is irreparably damaged, even though both are doing their best to put on a happy face. All the insults they say about each other to the camera are clearly going to be manifested in their relationship soon enough. It's also interesting to see Lisa siding with Yolanda, since they'll be feuding soon enough.

But there were plenty of happy things about the episode, too! We love both of the new women, particularly Carlton, who seems to be very opinionated and very fascinating. And we adore seeing Kim and Brandi's new friendship. Plus, it's great to see that Kyle's business is thriving. Well done, K!

All in all, we can't wait to see what transpires throughout the sure-to-be-epic season. In the meantime, we could use a snack. Does anyone have a cake that we can stick our fingers in?