The Walking Dead Season 4 Preview Roundup: All the Videos You Need
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4 Preview Roundup: All the Videos You Need

The Walking Dead is a TV show that must be seen and heard to be appreciated, so why not see and hear a bunch of promos, sneak peeks, and other cool behind-the-scenes videos to get yourself prepared for Season 4? AMC launched 16 new episodes on October 13, but they’ve been sharing intel bit-by-bit for months now. Here are some must-see videos to get you in the right deadhead space.

The Comic-Con Trailer

This is the mother ship — the biggest, most important video to watch. Sliced bread has nothing on this. The four-and-a-half-minute trailer was released in July during Comic-Con and it tells us so much about what’s changed from Season 3 and what’s coming in Season 4. Ever since then, AMC has been posting more promos that use footage from this video, many with just maybe one new line added. You probably don’t need to see all those, but this is one you should watch several times. Then go buy that song “Serpents” that plays toward the end. This footage is from the first few episodes, and it doesn’t even show The Governor, so even though it seems packed with enough drama for the whole season, it probably stops by, like, Episode 4.

Cast Talks Season 3 and What's Ahead For Characters on Season 4

Season 3 ended back on March 31, and on April 1, AMC released this six-minute video with the cast talking about what just happened and where their characters would go from there. This is a great big picture "world-building" look at the new season's themes. A must-watch.

Production Sneak Peek: Producers Share Episode 1 Details

AMC shared this behind-the-scenes production video back in June, with Episode 1 director Greg Nicotero and company talking about all the work they've been doing since January to prepare for the season.

Check Out the New Prison

In August, comic book writer/executive producer Robert Kirkman gave a tour of the updated prison set-up in a behind-the-scenes set video. We see the new outdoor living area with chairs, Rick's new farmer crops, the new cell block in the prison, etc.

Sneak Peek Scene: Michonne Rides Into the Prison

In late August, AMC shared a sneak peek from an upcoming episode, showing Michonne on her new horse, riding back to the prison. Carl opens the gate to let her inside, but zombies also shuffle their way in. Carl and Maggie rush over to help Michonne, and that's where the scene ends. We’ll see how it turns out soon!

Sneak Peek With New Footage: Tyreese Finds Love

In early September, AMC shared this four-minute sneak peek, which pairs new footage with behind-the-scenes interviews with the cast and crew. We learn that six or seven months have passed since Season 3 ended, and the prison has become a more stable place. We see Tyreese getting romantic with former Woodbury resident Karen, and Carl hanging out with other kids. It's a good sneak, with more hints about the new threat that isn't walkers or people.

New Promo: "Nowhere Is Safe"

This new promo just came out in late September. Carol tells a little girl, "If you want to live, you have to become strong." Rick says someone attacked a cell block. Hershel says everything they've been working so hard to keep out just found its way in. It includes some footage from the mother trailer, but also a teensy bit of new stuff. It also reminds us "Nowhere Is Safe." Last season's mantra was "No One Is Safe" so now "Nowhere Is Safe" too. Maybe next year it will be "Nothing Is Safe."

New Promo: Daryl Is Tired of Losing People, Hershel Says There's No Stopping It

At the start of October, a new promo was released, also including past footage mixed with new material. We see Daryl telling someone (Beth?) "I'm tired of losing people." Hershel reiterates that they just lost 12 of their own, including two in cold blood. We see the group digging graves. Hershel later adds, when talking to the new council that governs the prison, "There is no stopping it."

What is "it"? Is one of the new threats an illness? (That might explain why Daryl covers his mouth with a bandana in the photos from Episode 2.) This promo also ominously starts with "Pray for the Dead," which becomes "Prey for the Dead." Ooohhh…

Are you pumped for the new season? What are you most looking forward to seeing?