Game of Thrones Season 4 Primer: Who Is Lysa Arryn?
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Game of Thrones Season 4 Primer: Who Is Lysa Arryn?

Now that we know Lysa Arryn will be returning to Game of Thrones Season 4, we should probably offer a refresher on who this character is, since she hasn’t been seen since Season 1, Episode 8, and there are kind of a lot of characters on this show.

Lysa Arryn is Cat Stark’s sister. She’s also the head of House Arryn, and Lady Regent of the region known as the Vale. The Vale features the Eyrie, the high-in-the-sky castle where Tyrion faced a trial-by-combat for trying to kill Bran (which he did not actually do). Tyrion was defended by Bronn and freed, much to Lysa’s chagrin, since Lysa blames Tyrion and the Lannisters for the death of her husband, Jon Arryn.

Lysa is also crazy. She’s been whacked out of her gourd ever since her husband died, and probably before, so we should expect more of the same in Season 4. She also has a son, Robin Arryn, who, if you recall, has some issues. Chief among them being that he still breastfeeds in spite of the fact that he’ll probably start shaving in a year or two.

Lysa was also mentioned in Season 3, when Tywin Lannister instructed Littlefinger to seek her out and marry her, in an attempt to secure the Vale to the Lannister’s side in their war with the Starks.

Are you excited to see crazy Lysa Arryn again? Sound off in the comments!

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