Pretty Little Liars Season 4: 3 Reasons Aria Should Be “A”
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4: 3 Reasons Aria Should Be “A”

Could Pretty Little Liars's heroine actually be the show's Big Bad? The Season 4 summer finale did its darndest to make Ezra look like "A," and if the hot teach at the center of the show's longest-running romance can be evil, who's to say everything we know isn't a lie? Maybe Aria is actually working with her lover and against her friends. We've always said anything can happen in Rosewood, and that's proving to me truer than we ever expected.

We've already looked at some of the reasons Aria being "A" isn't quite as insane a theory as it sounds at first glance. But would it actually be good for the show for the writers to flip the whole thing on its head? We're all about the Liars' friendships and would hate for Team Sparia to be a lie, but we can't help thinking this arc would be utterly delicious.

Here are three reasons we think Aria being "A" — or at least involved with the "A" team — would make for a compelling, even brilliant, TV twist.

It hasn't been done. OK. We haven't watched every TV show in the history of the world, but we've seen more than your average fangirl, and we can't think of a single show where the main character turned out to be the secret bad guy all along. Maybe there's a good reason for that, but it's hard to make surprising, fresh stories without taking big risks. We'd love to see Pretty Little Liars boldly go where no show has gone before. Even if the story didn't quite work, it would be a spectacular and unforgettable experiment.

Biggest. Shock. Ever. Even though we've been theorizing about it for a while, Aria actually being a baddie would still be one of the most shocking things to happen on TV in a long time, precisely because it's such a risk. Marlene and co. are always going on about how the show's twists and turns will blow our minds, and half the time we're left yawning. Aria being "A" would shake the Pretty Little Liars fandom to the core liking nothing else ever has.

Fresh stories for years to come. Are you sick and tired of pursuing the same questions season after season, with no end in sight? Yeah, us too. Aria as "A" would breathe new life into the show, opening up a whole new set of questions to explore. "Why?" "How?" "What now?" — the theorizing would break Tumblr. All we want is something to worry about other than "Who is 'A'" and "WTF happened to Ali? No really please just tell us already!"

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