The Walking Dead Season 4: Did Rick Grimes and His Rage Go Too Far With Tyreese?
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4: Did Rick Grimes and His Rage Go Too Far With Tyreese?

Is The Ricktator ready to return? There are many sides to our fearless sometime-leader, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), and the ragin’ side briefly re-emerged in The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 3, “Isolation.”

Farmer Rick is no more. Cop Rick may be coming back. Or maybe The Ricktator, who does not suffer these silly democracies, will be revived to take charge. But for a minute there it looked like Crazy Rick was back — the disheveled guy who was so lost in his Season 3 grief over Lori’s passing that he got rough with Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun), got phone calls from the dead, and pushed away Tyreese’s (Chad Coleman) group. Once again, Tyreese was a source of Rick’s rage in last night’s episode.

Granted, Tyreese started the fight, but you have to give the guy a break. He just found his girlfriend (and poor David) dead and charred by some mysterious killer (psst — it’s the lady behind you!). He lashed out, pushing Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and punching Rick. At first, Rick tried to empathize with Tyreese. He too has been down the path of wild grief — Tyreese saw him there back when his group wanted to join the prison. Maybe just talking about it revived those feelings, because when Rick hit back, he didn’t just hit once. He kicked. He punched. He went to town on Tyreese, who is not exactly a tiny guy. Even Carol (Melissa McBride) was shocked, and she wasn’t really in a position to be shocked by much.

Afterward, Rick seemed ashamed; he talked to Hershel Greenel (Scott Wilson) about falling off the wagon. Rick and Tyreese made up, and Tyreese said the fight was on both of them. In the comic books, Rick and Tyreese become BFFs (there is no Daryl in the comics), and writer Robert Kirkman told The Hollywood Reporter this episode actually bonds the two men.

“You see in this very episode that it does change their relationship, and it does so in a positive way,” Robert said. “These two men are speaking to each other more and are on the same page. The initial thing about that fight is that it showed a lot about Tyreese, but Rick almost felt more guilty about that fight than Tyreese was for starting it. It's starting a dialogue between these two that will probably be on the road to being close friends.”

If Carol weren’t Carol, maybe she too could get into a fight with Tyreese, just to get the emotions out so they could bond later. ‘Cause you know Tyeese is not going to be happy with her if/when he learns the truth about what she did.

Do you think Rick went too far with Tyreese? Do you like the idea of Rick and Tyreese becoming good friends, or are you worried that Daryl might get pushed to the side? Vote below!

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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