The Walking Dead Season 4: Romance With Michonne Not on Rick’s Radar … Yet
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4: Romance With Michonne Not on Rick’s Radar … Yet

Rick Grimes lost his wife on The Walking Dead Season 3 — and even though that wife was Lori, he loved her anyway and he’s still not ready to move on.

Season 4 starts October 13 on AMC, and it picks up several months after the Season 3 finale. So it’s been several months since Lori passed, but you know Rick (Andrew Lincoln). He’s an intense guy. He’s earnest. He’s focused on the job. He’s kind of like Michonne (Danai Gurira). On that note, fans seemed to be into the idea of a Rick/Michonne romance when the idea came up at Comic-Con. Andrew Lincoln just joked about it, but it’s true that Rick and Michonne shared a “moment” during that pivotal off-campus episode, “Clear.” They are both strong and loyal and just lost the person who meant most to them — Rick lost Lori and Michonne lost Andrea.

However, not all fans are into the idea of a Rick/Michonne hook-up. One TWD viewer told TVLine it would be a “a jump-the-shark moment” for the characters to get romantically involved. We can’t agree with that, and comic book writer/executive producer Robert Kirkman told TVLine he “wouldn’t necessarily rule a romance out.”

However, as if Crazy Rick’s visions weren’t enough of a reminder, Robert reiterated that Rick’s “wife did just die in a horrible way, so I don’t think any kind of romance is really on his radar just yet.”

But Rick and Michonne will grow closer in Season 4. “They are definitely forming a friendship,” Robert said. “They have a very large mutual respect for each other because of their capabilities and their ability to trust one another, and I think that’s a lot of what was growing in the [Season 3] episode where they both went off on a run together.”

What do you think? Yes, we know, this show isn’t a soap opera or Zombie Apocalypse, 90201 — people don’t need to be passing love notes as they fight walkers. But these are attractive people experiencing something akin to the end of the world. Feelings are amplified, and that could include love, or at least lust. Rick’s a human being, and Lori had a lot more action before he eventually re-entered the group, so why not let him have a little fun at some point?

Source: TVLine