Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Speculation: Is CeCe a Red Coat Decoy?
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Speculation: Is CeCe a Red Coat Decoy?

Something just didn’t smell right with Pretty Little Liars implication that CeCe (Vanessa Ray) is Red Coat in last night’s episode (Season 4, Episode 11: “Bring Down the Hoe”). After all these episodes of speculation, could the obvious Red Coat trail the Liars have been following really lead to Cece, the true Red Coat? We think not. In fact, we think CeCe is knowingly acting as Red Coat’s decoy — and here’s why!

It’s not even an important episode!

No offense, Episode 11, but everyone knows that all major developments occur in the summer finales, the season finales, and the Halloween episodes. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles. So, when CeCe was “revealed” as Red Coat at the end of last night’s ep, we didn’t buy it. Not to mention, the Red Coat reveal has been teased to occur in the Halloween episode. Sorry, Episode 11. “A” for effort!

It was way too easy.

It’s also not like PLL to make it so easy for us. Not only did they just drop the reveal at the end of the ep in a less-than-dramatic fashion (on the spectrum of “A”-like behavior, eavesdropping through an apartment door barely registers), but the Liars have suspected CeCe all season. This may seem like an argument in favor of CeCe as Red Coat, but we know how much the PLL Powers That Be love their twists. It’s not a reveal unless you scream, and CeCe as Red Coat left us underwhelmed.

CeCe’s phone buddy.

Prior to her eavesdropping session at Ezra’s apartment, CeCe was leaving a phone message for someone. The convo didn’t give us much to go on, but it sounded like CeCe was waiting for instructions on what to do next (granted, in a very disgruntled, rebellious CeCe way). If CeCe were Red Coat, she wouldn’t be waiting around to be told what to do. She would be the one giving the orders.

We never saw her wear the coat.

In the phone message scene, CeCe is seen making the call from what looks like Red Coat’s lair. There are creepy photos of Ali everywhere and a red coat draped across a chair. Though we think we were meant to assume that was CeCe’s coat, it could just as easily have belonged to the real Red Coat. After leaving the message, CeCe glances over at the coat, as if whoever she was calling (i.e. Red Coat) reminded her of the garment. Later, when we see CeCe spying at Ezra’s door, she isn’t wearing the coat, but the “A” Team’s classic black hoodie. To us, this says minion rather than leader.

It’s the perfect plan!

When you think about it, having CeCe act as a decoy is ingenious. With the Liars’ attention on her, Red Coat has greater freedom to do what she wants without the Liars getting closer to her true identity. Instead, they are off on a wild goose chase and, as long as CeCe stays hidden, they’ll never learn the real identity of Red Coat. Well played, Red. Well played.

Do you think CeCe is acting as Red Coat’s decoy? Or is she the real Red Coat? Share your theories in the comments below!

Catch the next episode of Pretty Little Liars on Tuesday, August 27, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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