Game of Thrones Season 4 Speculation: Michiel Huisman Replacing Who?!
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Game of Thrones Season 4 Speculation: Michiel Huisman Replacing Who?!

UPDATE 8/30/2013: There's actually a new theory on who Michiel Huisman will play and it's not a new character! Want to know? We've got the answers...


Game of Thrones has added another new cast member for Season 4: former Nashville star Michiel Huisman. Once again, the show is being secretive about just who this hot actor will be portraying. Let’s take a look at the prime candidates, shall we?

Warning: This article contains mild spoilers from the A Song of Ice and Fire book series. Click away now if you don't want to know!

Styr, Magnar of Thenn. This seems to be the role that everyone will be playing next season. From Mark Gatiss to Joseph Gatt to now Michiel Huisman, everyone seems pegged to portray the ferocious wildling. Why is that? Well, of the three roles that George R. R. Martin confirmed for Season 4, Styr is the only one who remains uncast (that we know of), leaving fans to assume that every new name that pops up in casting news must be him. However, if one were to read the description of Styr in the books, it’s pretty tough to imagine anyone but Gatt filling the role. The guy’s a dead ringer.

Victarion Greyjoy While Victarion’s role has not been confirmed for Season 4, and he doesn’t pop up until the fourth book in A Song of Ice and Fire, there’s a chance that the badass sea captain could show up for next season’s festivities. Yara Greyjoy doesn’t pop up in A Storm of Swords, the third A Song of Ice and Fire book, either, and we’ve already seen her in the Season 3 finale, leading us to believe that the show may be getting into the plethora of Iron Islands plot earlier than we thought. Michiel certainly does have the look of a sea-hardened sailor, doesn’t he?

Satin. Again, this Night's Watch role is not confirmed for Season 4, but in the books Satin does play a big role in helping Jon Snow defend Castle Black against the wildling invasion, and after Jon is named Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch he appoints Satin as his steward. Satin is a former whore, and is supposed to be one handsome cat, so we think Huisman could fill the role with ease. He's definitely older than Satin is described in the books, but this wouldn't be the first time the show aged a character up.

Edmure Tully. Wait, what about Tobias Menzies? Tobias has a juicy new role(s) on Starz’s upcoming new series, Outlander, and therefore may not be returning to Game of Thrones. While he doesn’t have much to do in the latter half of A Storm of Swords, he does come back into the fold eventually, so the show’s going to need an Edmure. According to Deadline, Huisman will be replacing a current actor on the show. If that's true, our money’s on Edmure.

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