Revenge Season 4 Speculation: What “Life Changing” Event Happens to Jack?
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Revenge Season 4 Speculation: What “Life Changing” Event Happens to Jack?

It seems like Jack Porter (Nick Wechsler) can never catch a break on Revenge. We guess that's the price you pay for getting involved in Emily's (Emily VanCamp) schemes. At the end of the Season 3 finale Jack found himself in trouble because of his part in Charlotte's kidnapping — yeah, he's actually the one who let her go, but she doesn't know that — and it sounds like things aren't looking up for him in Season 4.

TVLine recently dished some info on Em's new love interest, a childhood friend of Jack's who stops by the Hamptons for a short stay, but ends up staying put "after something life-changing happens to Jack."

While the new love interest is interesting, that line is what really caught our eye. What life changing thing could happen to Jack that would cause a former friend to stay in town? Here are a couple of ideas.

Jack ends up in jail. This is the obvious guess. Maybe Jack ends up behind bars for Charlotte’s kidnapping. If that happened, we could see his friend offering to take over running the Stowaway. Someone would have to, and it would explain how the friend ends up buddying up to other locals quickly.

Jack (or Carl) gets sick or injured. Same idea, different problem. If Jack or Carl came down with a life-threatening illness, the friend might stick around to help out. Jack getting seriously hurt would also work.

Jack's mom dies. We just met Jack's mom (AKA Conrad's first wife) last season. We'd like to see her come back at some point, but maybe that's not in the cards. If she bites it, Jack may turn to his friend for support.

Jack finds out he has a secret sibling. Hey, this is Revenge. Crazier things have happened.

What do you think the "life-changing" thing will be? Speculate in the comments below!

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