Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Speculation: What Makes Toby Leave Rosewood?
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Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Speculation: What Makes Toby Leave Rosewood?

We know why Keegan Allen (Toby) was absent from much of the filming for Pretty Little Liars Season 4B: he's currently starring in an Off Broadway production of Small Engine Repair in New York City. The show runs from October 20 to December 8, which means Keegan was absent for much of Season 4B filming, which ended just last week. But, what reasons does his on-screen counterpart, Toby, have for skipping Rosewood? We speculate below!

To find out the truth about his mother

Toby’s Season 4 character arc has been mainly focused on discovering the truth behind his mother’s alleged suicide. Though he told Spencer that he had terminated his alliance with “A” she would give him information about his mother’s death in exchange for small favors but we doubt he has given up the pursuit for truth altogether. Will the investigation into Marion Cavanaugh’s death lead Toby out of Rosewood for an extended period of time?

To help Alison

We’re not sure what the dealio is with Toby and Alison. At one point, they genuinely seemed to be friends. Later, she visited him in juvie and things were uber tense. Finally, on the night of her disappearance, he gave her his sweater to wear. How did these two leave things, and will Toby run off to help his former friend, if she needs him? More likely, would he run off to help Ali if Spencer asked him to?

To mend his broken heart

Though Spoby has stayed relatively strong thus far in Season 4, we’re still not sure if they have fully dealt with the trauma Toby’s betrAyal caused their relationship even if he was doing it for Spencer. The added pressure that came when Toby asked Spence to lie to her friends about his continued involvement with “A” might just be another fracture in the Spoby relationship. Marlene King said that Spoby is “solid for now” when the winter season starts up, but how long will that last? Could an eventual Spoby breakup drive Toby out of Rosewood?

To carry out an “A” mission

We hate to say it, but we could see Toby getting lured back into the “A” game in a desperate attempt to find out once-and-for-all what really happened to his mother. This seems particularly possible if Toby is reeling from a Spoby breakup and feels like he has nothing else in his life besides this investigation. If Toby does reforge the “A” alliance, then this would be a logical reason for his Rosewood departure. After all, Toby skipped town all the time when he was on the “A” Team before to do “A”’s bidding.

Why do you think Toby will be leaving Rosewood? Share your theories in the comments below!

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