Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Speculation: Who Is the “B” In the Box?!
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Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Speculation: Who Is the “B” In the Box?!

Last week, the interweb was flooded with one Pretty Little Liars clue: “There's a B in the box.” Now that Pretty Little Liars showrunner Marlene King has hinted that “the box” in question is Ali’s casket, our speculation over who “the B” might be has kicked into overdrive. Here are our top three theories!

Ali’s twin?

The literal-minded part of us want the “B” to stand for someone’s name that starts with “B,” but it could just as easily be a shortened version of “bitch,” which doesn’t exactly narrow down the list of potential victims. If we’re assuming “B” does stand for “bitch,” then our chief suspect remains Ali’s twin (named Courtney in the books). At this point, this explanation actually makes the most logical sense given that the police have supposedly found and identified Ali’s body twice now. Identical twins share the same genetic makeup, which means the body identified as Ali’s could just as easily have belonged to her twin sister.


As much as we want to believe Mrs. Grunwald (for the Liars’ sakes) when she says she pulled Ali from the ground the night of her alleged murder, we don’t really know this woman. Not to mention, she outright lied to Spencer last time we saw her in uber creepy Ravenswood. Who’s to say Mrs. G. is telling the truth this time? The simplest explanation is often the truth, and the simplest answer to the question of who’s in Ali’s casket is Ali. Are we over thinking this whole thing? At this point, revealing Ali really is dead might actually be a bigger plot twist than finding out she is alive...

A total rando.

“A” has proven that she is able to blackmail practically anyone, and that has to include coroners, right? What if the answer to Ali’s identification isn’t that the body belongs to someone with the same genetic makeup, but that “A” got to whoever was doing the autopsy, forcing them to fix the results? After all, we’ve seen “A” pull off much more elaborate tricks. This still leaves the question of whose body the police found. Given that it had to be someone who disappeared and/or died before the body was found (again) in Season 3’s Halloween episode, we think the answer could lie with a total random. It’s tempting to want to wrap all of the answer to the “A” plot up in one, neat Rosewood-confined package, but it doesn’t have to work that way. Did “A” knock off a total stranger to use as a decoy corpse? Possibly someone from Radley they don’t seem to keep the tightest records there.

Who do you think the “B” in the box is? Share your theories in the comments below!

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