Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Speculation: Will Toby Leave Rosewood? Where Will He Go?
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Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Speculation: Will Toby Leave Rosewood? Where Will He Go?

The Pretty Little Liars cast is a busy and much sought-after lot. Right now (aka while Pretty Little Liars continues filming Season 4B), Keegan Allen (Toby) is in New York starring in an Off Broadway production of Small Engine Repair. But what does this mean for Toby? Where will his character be going to explain his upcoming absence from PLL? We speculate below.

On the investigation into his mother’s death

In the summer finale, Toby agreed to abandon the search for the truth about his mother’s death - or at least to sever his alliance with “A,” who had been feeding him information. We doubt this is going to last for long. Whether Toby reforges his “A” alliance, or just find a promising lead on his own, a Marion Cavanaugh murder thread would certainly explain a longish Toby absence from Rosewood. As Marion seemed to live in Radley for the last few months of her life, we’re not sure why Toby would need to go elsewhere to discover the truth about her death, but these mysteries can work in mysterious ways.

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Speculation: Will Toby Leave Rosewood? Where Will He Go?
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On “A” business

Toby has gone out-of-town on “A” business before. He and Caleb seem to take turns following trails that reach well outside of the Rosewood limits (ex: trying to track CeCe down in Season 4A). As Toby doesn’t attend high school like the rest of the PLLers, he is the perfect candidate to go on an out-of-town “A” hunt, if the need should arise.

On a post Spoby split road trip

We worry about Spoby. Constantly. They didn’t exactly end Season 4A on the highest of notes, and we’ve seen lots of pictorial evidence that suggests Spencer will be going through some trying times in Season 4B. Does this spell another Spoby break-up? If so, we could see Toby going on some kind of post-break up road trip to clear his head, i.e. cry in private while listening to his road trip mix tape of sad, sad songs.

On a mission to keep Spencer safe

The last time Toby disappeared from Rosewood for an extended period of time, it was because Spencer had discovered his role on the “A” Team and he was staying away in an attempt to play Happy “A” Team Member and keep her safe. Does something similar happen again? Is there a reason Toby decides he is placing Spencer in danger? Perhaps “A” makes some sort of threat or implication that Toby decides to take seriously. One of “A”’s favorite activities seems to be messing with the Liars’ love lives, and she hasn’t broken any of them up in a while. She’s due.

Why do you think Toby might be leaving Rosewood in the upcoming season? Share your theories in the comments below!

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