Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Spoiler: What Does the Lighter Mean?
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Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Spoiler: What Does the Lighter Mean?

In the Pretty Little Liars Season 3 finale, Toby (Keegan Allen) was knocked unconscious by an unknown assailant, and left with a lighter, which we assumed was evidence linking him to the nearby arson of the Thornhill Lodge. Now, we wonder if there might be more to that lighter. Keegan Allen recently spoke to Alloy Entertainment about what it means.

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“Yes, the lighter will affect [Toby],” Keegan said. “I’m not sure if you were able to see but it actually has an insignia on it that fans are already trying to decipher. And let me just say they are so smart.”

The insignia Keegan refers to is a compass. It has the four traditional directions marked, with the addition of one other: northwest. At the time, we thought it was just another reference to Hitchcock’s thriller classic, North by Northwest, which Season 3, Episode 24: “A dAngerous gAme” was an homage to, but now it seems like there may be more to the story.

In North by Northwest, the protagonist is Mr. Thornhill, who shares a name with the ill-fated lodge in PLL. Mr. Thornhill is a victim of mistaken identity, pursued by a mysterious organization that thinks he is involved in plans to smuggle a microfilm containing government secrets. We doubt Toby is mixed up in a microfilm caper, but perhaps he is framed for the fire, or something even bigger?

Or, on a completely different note, could the lighter mean something to Toby? It’s hard to tell if his reaction to finding it is, “Where have I seen this before?” or if it is just, “Hey, look! Someone knocked me out and left this badass lighter.” But, we know that Toby’s past will be delved into this season. Could the lighter be the key to that past? If so, why would whoever knocked him out have left it?

What do you think the lighter means? Do you think it means something to Toby? Post your theories in the comments below!

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Pretty Little Liars Season 4 premieres on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

Source: Alloy Entertainment

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