The Walking Dead Season 4 Spoilers: Badder, Meaner, Bloodier With “More World-Building”
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4 Spoilers: Badder, Meaner, Bloodier With “More World-Building”

It’s been two months since the end of The Walking Dead Season 3, and just a tad over four months until the start of Season 4. At this point, TWD fans jump on any intel like starving walkers, since there aren’t many spoilers coming out of production, which just started in early May. So we’re reviewing what we already know by delving into the info shared in the six-minute behind-the-scenes video AMC released directly after the Season 3 finale. This at least gives us a taste of the general themes to come, as well as where the actors see their characters going.

"Whatever you think is going to happen on Season 4, I guarantee we're going to surprise you,” Executive producer Dave Alpert says in the video. "There's a broader, bigger world out there and now that we've introduced the notion that there are more survivors out there, it's only going to get more and more interesting. [...] We're not taking the brick off the accelerator. It's only going to get bigger. It's only going to get badder. It'll only get meaner, and it's going to get bloodier." Whew!

Executive producer and comic book writer Robert Kirkman said, "We will be getting into more world-building, more civilization being brought back, a little bit more of a bigger sense of community." At the end of Season 3, the survivors of Woodbury were welcomed into the prison. Kirkman said Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) is finally in a place where he sees that in order to survive in this world, people have to be open, accepting and cooperative. "Rick has a lot more people to look out for, he's going to need a lot more resources. It'll also be an incredible burden to maintain, to make it a functioning society." As EP producer Gale Anne Hurd summed it up, "What's going to happen as these two groups who were literally at war with each other moments before, how are they going to integrate?"

One person who was not thrilled to see Team Woodbury join Team Prison is young Carl (Chandler Riggs). Co-Executive Producer Denise Huth said, "Carl's changing. It's a huge wake-up call for Rick and it's a big fear for him moving into next season. Is Carl going to be Rick or is Carl going to be The Governor? And right now Carl could go either way." (Just shoot him! Sorry.)

The Walking Dead Season 4 Spoilers: Badder, Meaner, Bloodier With “More World-Building”
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

But even with the awkwardness of the two groups merging, there’s still the threat of The Governor (David Morrissey) and his mini coalition. David Morrissey said, "The man we met at the beginning of this TV series has gone through deep, terrible trauma. He's definitely not going to leave Rick alone, but I would hope for some clarity of thought for The Governor."

As Denise continued, "I think the big thing with the end of [Season 3] is, The Governor is still out there. The war is not over. Rick and our group here won the first round and scared him off, but they paid a big price. Andrea's gone and that's a huge, huge, huge loss." But we know the timeline is going to jump ahead at least three months from the end of Season 3 to the start of Season 4 — so the mourning, prison/Woodbury meet-and-greet, and Governor scare-off won’t be completely fresh.

What about our beloved Team Prison group? Where do they see their characters going? Norman Reedus’s Daryl Dixon recently lost his brother Merle, but he still has another kind of brother. "Rick's shown a lot of trust in Daryl and I think it's important to Daryl to feel that people rely on him,” Norman said. “That sort of feeling is something he's never had before so he's willing to fight to the death for it." Melissa McBride (Carol) said her character is still discovering herself. "It's almost like a fresh start in a rotten world." Emily Kinney (Beth) said, "I think Beth is going to grow up a lot and take on new responsibilities. I think it’s going to be really exciting to see what happens with the baby [Judith/Little Ass-Kicker] and see how the family grows and changes." Scott Wilson (Hershel) said, "I don't have a clue where it's going next season. Maybe Hershel will grow another leg, a couple of them. I don't know."

It would be convenient for Hershel to grow another leg. And maybe he can get his own love interest, in addition to Rick, Daryl and whoever else. Just not The Governor again!

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