Game of Thrones Season 4 Spoilers: Brienne Faces Her “Greatest Hardship”
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Game of Thrones Season 4 Spoilers: Brienne Faces Her “Greatest Hardship”

One of the questions on everyone’s mind heading into Game of Thrones Season 4 is: what’s going to happen to Brienne of Tarth now that she’s in King’s Landing? Will she and Jaime part ways? Will they become... intimate? Luckily for us, Gwendoline Christie, who portrays Brienne, recently sat down with USA Today to discuss what’s in store for Brienne the Beauty.

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Right off the bat, Gwendoline says, “Brienne finds herself throughout Season 4 in situations that are unexpected and outside of her comfort zone.” We wonder what kind of situations those could be, since even fighting a bear in Season 3 didn’t seem to make her too uncomfortable!

Gwendoline goes on to explain that King’s Landing requires a different set of skills than the ones Brienne has mastered. “What I love so much about the show is we really see the expansion of the character,” Gwendoline says. “We see her move through different stages of development and we see her at Kings Landing, which is perhaps not a kind of environment that Brienne is used to negotiating. It's a world of secrets, of words, of intrigue, and Brienne is a women of physicality and physical action. We see the development of this person as they negotiate another new world that they have no experience of.”

After all of Brienne’s hardship on the road to King’s Landing in Season 3, we should hope that she’ll have an easier time in Season 4. Not so, says Gwendoline Christie, who claims, “Yet again, Brienne is tested against great hardship — perhaps the greatest hardship yet.” Gulp.

Source: USA Today